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  1. R

    Expert Insights on Forex Trading Tools and Indicators

    Welcome to a discussion guided by experienced Forex traders here to share their valuable insights on trading tools and indicators. We aim to simplify the complex world of Forex tools and indicators so you can make better trading decisions. Let’s start this discussion with: Moving Averages for...
  2. BukanMain

    Strategi Trading Saham Berdasarkan Analisis Teknikal

    Cara trade menggunakan Candle Shooting Star step by step (tgk video utk lebih paham) Setting Entry Point : Selepas pengesahan corak shooting star, open trade pada (1) harga pembukaan lilin seterusnya atau (2) apabila harga paling rendah candle shooting star telah dipecahkan. Contohnya, jika...
  3. KimoMody

    Masterforex ea

    In one of the Forex sites, I've found this attached expert... and I've tried it for more than one month...the results are great. So, I like to share it with you...and get your opinion, do i go live trading with this expert...thank you.
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