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hand sanitizer

  1. T

    To Sell Disinfectant Mist 100ml (Up to 60% discount )

    AuraPlus Disinfectant Mist (100ml) (y) Odorless (y) Non-Alcohol (y) 5 Hours Disinfectant Effect Last (y) Kill 99.99% Bacteria & Viruses (y) Safe to Skin (y) This product have certified from Malaysia Government (KKM), CE Compliance and product tested Any interested, please DM us !!! Get...
  2. T


    BUY 1 FOG MACHINE FREE 10 BOTTLES DISINFECTANT LIQUID Fog Machine 🤗 ✅3 months warranty ✅Strong smoke ✅Covering an area of about 20-40 square meters ✅Application Occasion: House, Car, Gym Room, School, Office, Shopping mall, Public and more places Disinfectant Liquid ✅Kill 99.9% of Bacterial...
  3. T

    To Sell AuraPlus Sanitizer with 60% Discount

    Sanitizer Disinfectant Mist 100ml(y) ✔️ 99.99% kill bacterial and virus ✔️ Non-Alcohol ✔️ Odorless ✔️ Suitable to disinfect skin, cloth, premises (house, factory, officers) ✔️ Product notified to NPRA (KKM) ✔️ Product Tested and Passed (myCO2) ✔️ Product is CE Compliance, meet EU safety...
  4. bell_phd


    hi guys, jualan borong hand sanitizer Gel Base NICE SMELL HOSPITAL SPEC READY STOCK Why gel base is good rather than liquid base? Liquid base are cheap thing and not suitable for kids and for those who are really take care of their skin. Gel Base are PERFECT for sensitive skin 75% Alcohol...
  5. Fuad HPM

    To Sell Ready Stock RM7 Hand Sanitizer 100ml . Kills 99.9% 75% Alcohol KKM

    Mulai 4 Mei hampir semua sektor ekonomi akan dibuka , mana mana yang bekerja tu boleh dapatkan Hand Sanitizer (y) (Ready Stock) Hand Sanitizer 100ml (y) Ekstrak Aloe Vera dan Tea Tree Oil Kills 99.9% Germs And Bacteria 75% Alcohol Vitamin E KKM NOT200402102K Muslim Produk Beli Banyak Lagi...
  6. haslina.tkp

    To Sell Sanitizer & Anti Virus Spray

    Anda masih sukar mencari sanitizer... Kami ada menjual sanitizer & spray anti virus.. 500ml - rm50 100ml - rm17 100ml Anti Virus Spray - rm15 Untuk pembelian sanitizer 500 kami akan COD area Lembah Kelang , Kajang , Bangi , Kawasan Daerah Hulu Langat , Daerah Petaling , Gombak. Sekira...
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