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    Q & A Ipad or notebook? What to buy?

    I’m torn between getting the latest Ipad or buying a notebook for myself. I’m a freelance web content writer and most of the time I’m always travelling. I guess you could consider me as a digital nomad. I already have a Macbook but sometimes it feels so inconvenient to bring it around. I always...
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    Wanted Pajak Gadai dan Membeli Laptop Phone Camera Tablet / Mortgage and Pawn 0129700387

    Kecemasan? Perlukan Wang Tunai Segera? Kami menerima Pajak/ Gadai/ Cagar pelbagai barang IT Gajet pada harga yang berpatutan dengan pasaran. Antara barang yang kami menerima pajak adalah: - Laptop / Notebooks (iMac/Macbook/Apple/Mac...
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