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  1. Weekly Analysis of OIL

    Weekly Analysis of OIL

    The XBRUSD finished last week just below multi-year highs at 84.90 USD per barrel. There is bullish sentiment on the oil market caused by low supply packed by concerns from investors that demand disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic may not be over. BEARISH TRIGGERS Prices pulled back from...
  2. Daily Forex & Gold Market News

    Today's NZDCAD Signals

    NZDCAD H3 ✅ Buy stop - pending trade Entry: 0,88000 Tp: 0,88400 Sl: 0,87xxx Join the club to get the best accurate trading advice for FOREX Currencies - Forex Advice Club
  3. Oil price forecast for today-

    Oil price forecast for today-

    Oil is trading in the correction to a short-term uptrend. Yesterday, traders tested the Additional Zone 80.00 - 79.87. This zone was broken out today. Now the price is rolling back up and testing the broken-out zone as resistance. I recommend considering oil sales in the zone of 79.87 - 80.46...
  4. Gold- From Monday’s chart to the current market.

    Gold- From Monday’s chart to the current market.

    The rise in the market price that took place yesterday after being tested at the opening price of 1754.00 did rise up to the level of 1769.00 from this $ 15 increase is the market price today able to make an increase or even follow the original trend where the downtrend will occur following the...
  5. Claimant Count Change, UK

    Claimant Count Change, UK

    - GBP and its subsequent pairs WHAT'S HAPPENING: Claimant Count Change measures the change in the number of unemployed people receiving unemployment benefits in the U.K. during the reported month. A rising trend indicates weakness in the labour market. A reading that is higher than forecast is...
  6. Daily Forex & Gold Market News

    Today's AUDNZD Signals

    AUDNZD H4 ✅ Buy! E: 1,04920 Tp: 1,05xxx Sl: 1,04620
  7. HotForexsignal

    EUR/USD Signals by Hot Forex Signal

    EUR/USD Signal (Date: 08-Mar-2021) Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.1873 TAKE PROFIT: 1.1842 STOP LOSS: 1.1914 Hot Forex Signal Packages & Prices 1.Trial Signals - $ 21.1 for 7 days 2.Professional Signals - $ 68.5 for 1 month 3.Ultimate Signals - $ 179.30 for 3 months
  8. M

    Today's View on Gold by Money life Research

    ‼ ️In last night's trading session, world gold price had 2-way fluctuations. After the price dropped from 1863 to 1834 (2-way amplitude of 29 $). Gold ended the day with a bearish candlestick at 1841. In my opinion the close is almost equal to the closing price of the other day (January 27)...
  9. Evans Waldo

    EUR/USD Signals by Usa Forex Signal

    DATE: 14-Dec-2020 EUR/USD Status: Close ENTRY POINT: Sell at 1.2149 TAKE PROFIT: 1.2118 STOP LOSS: 1.2190
  10. Laraforex

    Laraforex Technical Analysis

    EURUSD NUDGES MILDLY HIGHER, MARKET PARTICIPANTS AWAIT GERMAN PPI DATA EURUSD extends its gains in early Asian hours on Tuesday, although the 1.18 handle is turning out to be a crucial resistance for the pair. The currency pair has managed to stay afloat despite the risk-off sentiments...
  11. SBS FX

    Send Signal MT4 to TELEGRAM

    🔥🔥 Signal MT4 to TELEGRAM 🔥🔥 . Ade sesiapa berhajat nk aku buatkan x? . Tgh x bz ni.. . Kalau nak, roger... Harga kasih sayang selamanya.. 😁 . Nak 5 org je dulu..takot xsempat.. . pm me @ telegram ---> . . **Channel dlm gmbr tu sume channel BETA ya...tenkiu...🥰
  12. dloanman

    Join the #1 Forex signals group - Get real time Forex signals via sms & email

    Would you like to succeed at Forex trading? Fast track your success and follow the high performance Forex signals from 1000pip Builder. These Forex signals are rated 5 star on , so you can follow every signal with confidence. All signals are sent by a professional trader with...
  13. DanielDoo

    Updated Forex Signals 27-8-2019 EUR/USD

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