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    Need Clean Drinking Water for your family? - Water Filter | Penapis Air

    Looking for a way to purify your tap water? As a Health Planner for Coway. Coway Malaysia offers an excellent water filter machine that purifies your tap water into healthy Drinking Water. HOW WATER PURIFIER MACHINE WORKS? Purifier Water Through Advanced 6 steps Micro-Dust Filtering System ...
  2. dloanman

    LeapFrog 100 Animals Book Promotion 2021

    Hold 100 animals in your hands with the touch-sensitive pages of the 100 Animals Book! Six double-sided, interactive pages feature animals from 12 habitats and environments. Kids have a natural curiosity about animals, and this book provides lots of opportunities for exploration with...
  3. dloanman

    ZooWhiz Fun Educational Games for Kids 5-15 years old

    Dear Parent, I’d like to invite you to start using ZooWhiz with your family. It has already been used by thousands of students from around the world, and now you have the opportunity to try out ZooWhiz for yourself. Your family can have loads of fun while learning at the same time! To get...
  4. dloanman

    7 activities to keep your kids busy during Covid-19 lockdown

    As schools are closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, children are getting bored at home. Here are 7 activities to keep your kids busy during lockdown. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the government has declared a total lockdown, a curfew of sorts, for 21 whole days or more. Even the most...
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