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audit service

  1. K

    Prep yourself with ISO knowledge with Keyn Certification training program

    CHANGE, management and staff are afraid of it. However, are YOU satisfied with your company’s systems and SOPs? Every boss wishes to have an effective and profitable system; Each employee wishes to work in a systematic and regulated company. The problem is, who is defining the SYSTEM? WE...
  2. Jeb

    To Sell Perkhidmatan pengurusan akaun syarikat,peribadi.Murah!!

    sape2 de company atau perssoanl nak buat akaun boleh pm aku. harga sangat berpatutan.boleh buat bulan2 dan setahun sekali. juga ade untuk audit, tax agent ngan secretaries. sumanya de licensed.:) [email protected]
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