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Default The mindset you need to succeed in forex

I receive this article from the forex side that I subscribe. Sesuatu yang baik untuk dikongsi bersama

So many people start off well but as soon as they hit a difficulty, they quit.

Today, I want to give you two essential mindsets that could help you become more profitable.

The first important thing you need to keep in mind is why youíre learning to trade forex.

ďI want to learn how to trade forex,Ē is not a specific enough reason.

Really ask yourself: why?

Most likely to make money, right?

But why do you want the money? Whatís it for?

Maybe you want to go on that dream trip to Australia . Or you want more to spend on your family. Or maybe you need some extra money to set up different income streams so that you have more control over your future.

Whatever your personal reasons are: always keep them in mind.

Because, I assure you, keeping a constant picture in your mind of that end result will help you so much when it comes to actually getting there.

Now, the second essential mindset you need is pretty obvious, but it shouldnít be sneered at...

You need to stay positive.

Look, youíre going to take some knocks on the way. You will make mistakes, you will press the wrong buttons, and sometimes you will stray from your trading plan.

But you have to shake off these mistakes. You have to choose to see each hick-up as a necessary part of your learning experience.

I know it can hurt when things donít go exactly to plan, but the truth is you learn the most by your mistakes.

When you make a mistake, you have to keep this in mind.

You need to say to yourself: ďThis is just part of my trading journey. Iím gaining experience, Iím becoming better and stronger and more determined.Ē

This is a positive mindset and itís essential for success when it comes to trading forex.
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