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Old 03-03-2017, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by niagafx View Post
ada forum yg jual beli gold tak?? jika ada, sedap. boleh buat side imcome jual gold..
xpasti la bro

BTW , kitorang dah unlock Malaysia.kos sebanyk 200euro dan kami kongsi 5 orang. so sape reg bleh pilih malaysia.main free je dan kami akan giode untuk dapatkan euro. skrg cme ada 20orang je so kami mmg nak ramai lagi join untk bangunkan dan war dengan negara lain. pm saya dalam game imakayrol dan join group whatsup untuk guide dan support
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Old 20-03-2018, 01:29 PM
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Default Dragon's Tale game bitcoin

Dragon's Tale is a bitcoin based MMORPG casino platform. there are many kinds of casino games.

Start playing with free btc from soldier, try to ask gift from many soldier.

Drinking coffee at the bar by paying 1 Ksat, and getting 1-4 Ksat. Depend of your bet.

Mokey Cage, you can bet in picture and release the monkey, if monkey stop in picture that your bet, you will win

Duck pond, try your skill to feed many duck with one handful of food

Plant Berry, there many kind of berry, try your luck to plant it and harvest it.

Ring of bell, try your luck to choose the right bell

its my favourite game in DT, this is Feather Tree, buy license for 30 days with 3 BTM (0.003 BTC) and harvest it everyday

and many more kinds of betting there, you can choose what game you think is fun and that you like.
you can download client in install it and register.

if you need help, you can type /message torngabeng (your message)
my pleasure to help you in this game
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ft.jpg   ring of bell.jpg   soldier.jpg  

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