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Old 12-09-2013, 03:47 PM
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Exclamation Javascript fail in other browsers version except Internet Explorer 10

Salam sume CGRian,

Minta tlg spot & betulkan aku kat mana salah, aku dah test program aku run kat Internet Explorer 10 jer OK tapi IE6-9, Chrome & Firefox fail(script x jalan), ni aku share code kat sini :

HTML Code:
<script type="text/javascript">
	//Working in IE 10 but fail in other version including Firefox & Chrome
    $(function GetFile(object) {
        var bBrowseFile = document.getElementById('<%= FileUploadExcel.ClientID %>');
        var bGetWorksheet = document.getElementById('<%= ButtonGetSheetName.ClientID %>');
        var bResult = document.getElementById('<%= LabelUpload.ClientID %>');

        $(bBrowseFile).change(function () {
            if ($(this).val()) {
                $(bGetWorksheet).attr('disabled', false); = "Green";
                bResult.innerHTML = "<BR><B>Selected file is : </B>" + bBrowseFile.value;
            else {
                $(bGetWorksheet).attr('disabled', true);
HTML Code:
<asp:FileUpload ID="FileUploadExcel" runat="server" Width="400px" onchange="GetFile(this);" />
<asp:Button ID="ButtonGetSheetName" OnClick="GetExcelSheetNames" runat="server" Text="Get Worksheet Name" Width="200" Enabled="False" />
Full source code program ada kat sini
“When it's difficult like this, the taste (of winning) is better.” ~ Valentino Rossi
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Old 12-05-2019, 05:00 PM
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Where did you get that code ? I assume you really should have some understanding that it's all about different version of JavaScript for each of those feature really. So I do not understand your surprise about all that. But if you will show us where did you get that we can help you with this.
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