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Island of the Dolls

Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:24 AM by Xploit Machine

Just south of Mexico City in the middle of a swamp-like canal sits the creepiest island in the world. Named Isla de las Munecas, which translates as Island of the Dolls. This terrifying place is covered in child's dolls, and not the pretty kind either. Nope, this island is decorated with hundreds of horrific, possessed dolls that totally wouldn't hesitate to murder you in your sleep.

So, the obvious question has to be asked. Why the hell would anyone do this? Well the story goes like this. The island's caretaker and its only inhabitant, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found a little girl in the waters of the island who had drowned under mysterious circumstances. She was found with a doll floating nearby. Julian picked up the doll and hung it from a nearby tree as a mark of respect for the deceased girl.

But one creepy doll wasn't enough for Julian. Apparently the spirit of the little girl haunted him and to appease the spirit he started to hang more dolls from trees. Before long he had covered the island with hundreds of dolls. Julian started to believe that all the dolls were possessed by the spirits of dead girls and this slowly drove him to insanity.

After 50 years of collecting and hanging up dolls, Julian was found dead in the water. He had mysteriously drowned in the exact same spot where the little girl's body was supposedly found, all those years ago. Some say that the little girl never actually existed and Julian made up the story as a way of coping with his isolation on the island. But no one really knows the truth.
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