What game are you playing

07-07-2018 01:07 AM rickk#1
Thread title says it all.

For me, I started playing Tales of the Monkey Island last night and finished episode 1 in about 3.3 hrs
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14-11-2018 04:19 PM Jedi#2
21-11-2018 10:41 AM pak andak#3
im try to start playing torncuty
21-11-2018 10:58 AM kopirait#4
fun run 3.
21-11-2018 11:00 AM dauskupang#5
world of tanks

world of warships
21-11-2018 05:12 PM pak andak#6
Originally Posted by dauskupang View Post
world of tanks

world of warships
best? :)cgrock:)cgrock
27-11-2018 12:29 AM YeahBoiiii#7
Rainbow Six Siege.
The best for now
12-04-2019 07:15 PM amirul_#8
Playing Summoners War, Mobile Legend, Pubg and Lifeafter on mobile.

Really want to play PSOne game back on pc. lol
12-04-2019 07:21 PM skyz.silver#9
PUBG .. hehehe
12-04-2019 07:32 PM Dann#10
Originally Posted by Jedi View Post
Still main game ni lagi? Gameplay macam lebih kurang C&C dulu ke?
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