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Y Generation Coaching Sdn Bhd

Y Generation Coaching sdn bhd specialises in coaching young people to realise their personal and business dreams. But we dont limit our members by age. We define the Y Generation as anyone belonging to a group of tech-savvy people who crave self-improvement.

Our proficient team and services have spread in entire Asia now. We add into your passion of achieving your goals through reversal of the whole pattern of life and business. We offer exceptional coaching programs in life coaching, business coaching, online business coaching and investment coaching.

Life Coaching
Take your life to its highest level

At times, your life and business related challenges may seem to bear you down in life. Have you wondered what your strengths are and how you can bring them to next level? To be able to understand yourself and others is the bedrock of business success, which is not possible without a life coach.

In our life coaching program, you will learn to use wonderful tools in order to understand the behaviour of people around you and know their hidden motivation. Ultimately, we will help you visualize and more significantly, accomplish your business goals.

What we can give a guarantee of:

We make you learn to profile your customers in just 10 minutes so that you can speak the same language that your customers do.

Make you capable of knowing what makes your clients and business partners happy enough to incessantly do business with you for long.
Expand your quality of relationship with your partner, employee, family, boss and clients as well.
Understand your strength and potential, and move yourself towards unleashing all your strength.

Here, you will learn to master these skills for as long as you live.

Our Coaching Programs:

1.Enneagram Profiling Workshop Profiling yourself and people around you in just minutes.
2.Adventure Learning Programs This program helps your team to bond well and mastermind together in a better direction through our fun and enriching programs. It relates more to real life experiences back to where originality begins.
3.Team Leadership Training Build future leaders and creating mindsets on how to manage a team.
4.Y Power (YP) Network Gathering Build your business by leveraging on network meeting, mastermind group, and business referrals.
5.and many more
Business Coaching

Business coaching

-a type of personal or human resource development. It provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting. Business coaching includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching.

The International Coach Federation, the International Coaching Council and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches provide a membership-based association for business coaching professionals. These and other organizations train professionals to offer business coaching to business owners.[12] According to a MarketData Report in 2007, an estimated 40,000 people in the U.S., work as business or life coaches, and the $2.4 billion industry is growing at rate of 18% per year.[13] According to the National Post, business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.[14]

Coaching is not a practice restricted to external experts or providers. Many organizations expect their senior leaders and middle managers to coach their team members toward higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and career development. Business coaching is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring involves a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a less experienced partner, and typically involves sharing of advice. A business coach can act as a mentor given that he or she has adequate expertise and experience. However, mentoring is not a form of business coaching. Few link coaching activities to compensation, however, resulting in less coaching by managers.

Investment Coaching
"Build your financial freedom journey via investment

It doesnt matter how good of job you have, if you want to acquire wealth in this life, at some point you have to know how to invest. Also, having a business whether offline or online is not sufficient. You have to know how to maximize the return of the money generated from your business for your financial freedom journey.

There are many choices of investment such as real estate, life insurance, share and stocks, gold and silver investment, mutual funds, forex, future and many more depending on your financial objectives.

The Fact about investment:

You can start your investment instantly even with low (less than $100 per month) or no money down
You can earn more while working less by leveraging on investment
You can build your financial freedom much early by building your investment portfolio NOW!
You can hedge yourself from the growing inflation rate with the right strategies of investment

Our Promise:

Teaching you how to be financially free in less than 3 years from now by applying right investment strategies
Showing how to double or triple your income in less than 3 month with a legitimate and proper way of investment
Guiding you how to enjoy continuous return from investment while working less and less.
Helping you to understand the proper way of invest in forex, property, gold and silver, mutual fund , share and many other type investment with our qualified and well experience investment coach.

Online Business Coaching
Build Your Online AutoPilot System and Generate Your Passive Income

If you want to have your own online business and are not aware of the technicalities of computers and IT, you can still do it. All you need to make it happen is a fine online marketing strategy. Do you intend to expand your offline business or services to foreign countries or even worldwide? Do you feel frustrated that the traditional advertising is eating up your money and is not giving you the response you want?
The Fact about Online Business:

You can start your business even without sufficient computer or IT knowledge.
You can grow and expand your business much faster through the internet than just using traditional means.
You can save massively on advertising costs.
You can maintain customer relationships easily and effectively.

Our Promise:

We will help you build an automated system for your online business by:

Teaching you to use automated website software to set up your business in less than one hour.
Showing how, with just one keyword, your business is accessible to your niche market.
Helping you build your authority and profile online only one time and get the prospects find you always first.
Guiding you in setting up one reliable customer service system which handles all your emails, phone calls and online enquiries.

And, if you dont have any business yet.
Youve come to the right place with us, you can now find out your niche market based on your interests and skills, and start making money online. Also, you will be taught to leverage on other peoples products and services, and get paid continuously.

Network Marketing Coaching

Leverage on Network Marketing Build Your Perpetual Income

It is always embarrassing to persuade people to buy something. Also, it is highly tiresome to keep looking for prospects. Then you feel discouraged on not being able to make money even after joining many network businesses. Only an efficient coach can assuage all the complications associated with a networking business.

Are you facing the challenge in seeking a coach to guide you in building a networking business?

Wondering if we are trying to sell you something here because you have been overloaded with MLM products that cost you a bomb once upon a time?

With us, all those problems are not problems any more

We, Y Generation Coaching Sdn Bhd, work with a pool of certified and successful network marketers and come out with our network marketing business. We redesign your networking ideas in such a way that it is more profitable and suitable to your niche market.

We will erase your frown away by:

Providing free consultation and 24/7 email support
Re-engineering your products and services into profitability, as well as developing a proven compensation system
Consistently guiding you towards being an experienced and qualified network marketer
Starting up your business immediately by leveraging on our successful ones

Contact us today for more inquiry or appointment


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