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Weight Loss Max Diet 34

I can't play well prisbell for those of you who don't know me I specialize in transformation and just over a year ago I received alerter SLIMBERRY MAX from a girl right here in Oklahoma City area name is Laura and she needed she didn't like the path her mother he died from complications due today D it was not easy she overcame a lot of schools in the process she is now today very different that she's on her way here right now for way here of people that she cares about country yes right now with this he comes out yes the jury see here Rhonda she overcame a lot of process slideshow she is now today very different that she's other way here right now yes your hands together Rhonda of April thank you many wide me I would like that me it's been 365 days Bert is gone I'll yes she is a bang-up past you look easing are you feeling after the surgery you know I feel good you know been down versus was something I had to deal with at stay on myself in Id get back into I'll have to get me what we're so I said to take it a day at a time well it's that time fear what better place you finally and in front of your family friends and loved ones injury life compare the hard work paid off list feet emphasis day was quite care say 202 pounds credibly to see just so happy in this moment


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