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Weight Burns All Stubborn Fats

You want more go but the wall gallery I'll so when you started this year performer in fourteen pounds in the first that on the scale looking for under $200 today they say the final and ready and step on the scale in some see him soul close happen and that's six pounds entities for yeah I was just trying toget into healthy place and you know within trying to sign that healthy place I lost it sounds but that doesn't mean that I'm done that doesn't mean that the and 204 pounds in one year and not be happy with myself exact the but and how much you've changed is extraordinary he said just a moment ago that the you're still working to find that balance yes Id like to offer something to you okay it's called the shades hope treatment facility in Dallas Texas and they work with people with eating disorders Original Garcinia Cambogia it's a six-week inpatient program and it's there to help you find a balance I just wanna throw it out there if you're interested you can say yes or you can just think about it and let me know because I don't speak for myself stick for jackets have used it for jury thing for all this we just watched happy watching to help you want to help you find that balance and you've got to this crazy year and when it's all said and done it's a whole new chapter in your life talked anybody who's got the weight loss and helping them find that balance with maintenance there with you still have another gold you want to reach yeah and you can still do it in healthy way so I once threw it out there its there if you want it and its people like Jackie and Heidi that remind me through Americas I love you guys so many buttons on how far I've come and Jackie is help me in to learn to love myself.


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