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Tannet (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

A subsidiary of Tannet Group Limited, ATA International co. Ltd is supplying the collection gifts to Corporate. Throughout more than 10 years development, ATA International co., Ltd established the Hongkong market successfully as four branches have been operating in Hong Kong. At the same time, ATA International co. ltd was expand the market into China and setup the marketing branch in Shenzhen, procurement department in Yiwu, and assistance branches in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and currently we provide our support in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Industry Chain
ATA international co., Ltd has formed an industry chain with one package service from production, supply, and sales. Based on the distribution channels of domestic and international market, a great many large-scale companies become our fixed clients and the large-scale enterprises we serviced is increasing at high speed day by day.
Customer Satisfaction and Market Penetration are our management idea and our ultimate pursue. We will take every chance as a treasure to seek a favored cooperation with you.

Contact Us
TANNET Group committed and ensured that all certificates, documents from TANNET are authorized and valid. We are ready 24 hours for customer enquiries and feedback around the world. Please email us [email protected] or telephone us +603-21418908.


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