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Nuisance electrical tripping at home/ office during thunderstorm

I recently just got a call from my classmate saying his brother house strike
by lightning and damage to few of the house appliances costing 4k damages .He call me for advise and upon checking found out his house is a semi D and located on top of hill no earthing is provided in this situation I recommend
surge suppressor and a new earthing electrode and chamber so that in the event
of indirect strike this can prevent unwanted losses .And was also proven effective when i did this to a apartment in CHERAS whereby the guard house cctv
always get strike almost twice a year costing 25k to 35k in repairs after the lightning pole and surge suppressor which cost approximately 4 to 5 k they did not report any losses for 18 months
and also another common problem is the
nuisance tripping of the circuit breaker
during thunder storm face by many house owner this can also be over come


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