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More Lovebirds in the Lab of Bones Season 7?

Episode of Bones Season 1-7 DVDThe Bump in the Road, an extreme couponer is found in pieces in the middle of the highway. Was it another crazy couponer? Or maybe a husband who felt neglected?

Brennan is still getting used to being a mom and finding her emotions get the better of her when she has to leave baby Christine in daycare all day for the first time. She thinks that she can look at things logically and as long as she has the daycare people send her pictures and has checked out their records, shell be totally fine with all of it.

Finn has got his eye on Cams daughter Michelle and Cam is not sure how to feel about that, considering he did try to kill his stepfather at one point in his life. Michelle of course has an issue with Cams issue and poor Finn is stuck in the middle and tries to do the right thing by letting Michelle go. In the end, he decides he cant ignore his feelings for Michelle and Cam gives her (reluctant) approval for the two to keep seeing each other walt disney dvd box.

Actually,I have been a big fan of bones since it first started. I really enjoyed this season although I would like more episodes per season. More,it is so much better Californication Seasons 1-5 DVD Box than on TV! I hate commercials and it great to be able to just pop in a disc and relax on the sofa.
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