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Lfc Info News: 'We won't stop fight until final whistle'

John Achterberg insists Liverpool's players are not giving up on their title dream and claims there could well be a twist in the tale on the final day of the season at Anfield on Sunday.

If Brendan Rodgers' charges can beat Newcastle United - and Manchester City lose to West Ham United at the Etihad - the Reds will be crowned Barclays Premier League champions.*

Achterberg admits City, who are two points clear at the top of the table, are firm favourites - but the goalkeeping coach insists it's been business as usual at Melwood leading up to the final game...
John, have you ever experienced anything like the Crystal Palace game before last Monday? A draw that took us to the top of the table and yet everyone came away deflated?

No, not really. It was very difficult to take because we were 3-0 up and we expected to win the game. To give it away so easily was frustrating and for the players, supporters, all the staff and anyone associated with this club it was hard to take. The next day we tried to look at the positive side, which is that we have done really well this season.

How do you and the rest of the staff go about lifting the players?
After the game it was difficult to say anything because everyone was devastated about the situation and the result. After that, you try and look at the positives. The boys have played some amazing stuff this season and have done really well. We need to keep going and stay positive because it's not over yet.

Regardless of what happens this weekend, is it possible to sum up this season from a coach's point of view?
We started the season with a hard-fought win over Stoke City and from that moment there's only been positive stuff with the way we've been playing and the entertaining football. We had a few indifferent results like Southampton at home and Hull City away, but overall I think in every game we have been probably the best team on the pitch. We have created a lot of chances, we were unfortunate in one or two games not to come away with victories. But if you look at all of the games, even the big ones like Manchester City and Chelsea away, we were as good as them. In one or two moments the game can change, so if you take all that on board, it could have easily also turned the other way [in our favour]. That is something for next season for individual players to improve on and have more experience playing under pressure, dealing with setbacks when playing for the top place. We have one game to go and anything can happen. If we win the game we can still win the league if City lose.

It has been an incredible season, so to be going into the final day with a realistic chance of winning the title - what does that say about the achievements of this squad?

We have done really well and everyone has contributed to the results. We have a very talented squad and a young squad who can still play for five or six years and maybe even more at the top. As long as they keep that same hunger and spirit then they will get better and better. If you can improve the team every year with a few good signings then we are catching up on everyone around us.

Liverpool aren't favourites to win the title, but they still have a chance, so how do you prepare the players?
We prepare the players just like we do normally when we prepare for the next opponent. We keep the same training intensity and try and get the same focus. The boys will be told by the manager to do the right things and keep focused. We know from the past that City won the league with two late goals, so that shows you anything can happen. We want to finish the season as well as we can, so if that means we can get another three points on top of what we have, that is our focus and we'll see where it takes us.

What would you say to the fans who are attending Anfield this weekend?
Our fans have been amazing all season, so they will be the same on Sunday. They know the team needs them on Sunday to keep the momentum going and try and give them the extra boost to overcome Newcastle. They give the boys extra motivation to keep going and keep working. It always helps when they are screaming and supporting the team very well.

Is the message quite clear then - it's not over until it's over?
Yes, that's right and that is normal in football because anything can happen. That's what you hope for and that's why you always have to try and focus on your own job and be at it every game and do the best you can.


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