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Labuan Company Registration

Labuan is comprised of a few small islands located off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia. LOFSA, the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority, was established in 1996 as a single regulatory agency or a one-stop agency for the offshore centre. There are 63 offshore banks, nearly 50 insurance and insurance related companies and 20 trust companies, as well as numerous legal and accounting firms.

Advantages of Labuan Company Registration
1. The political, economic and trade environment in Labuan is very stable place
2. Infrastructure is well established
3. A springboard to expand the 10 ASEAN countries
4. Can be registered with the Chinese company name
5. Low tax- 0% tax free transactions to give corporations and non-trading company. Trade types of companies need to pay 3% of the audited net profit or have a choice to pay RM20,000 flat tax.
6. Labuan is a free country foreign exchange control environment.

Requirements of Labuan Company Registration
1.The minimum number of shareholders required is one. Details of shareholders are not available for inspection by the public. No residency or nationality requirement.
2. A minimum of one director, either corporate or individual is required. No residency or nationality requirement.
3. Labuan Company must have at least one resident secretary who must be an officer of a licensed Labuan trust company.
4. Labuan Company must have a registered office and where applicable must maintain accounting records in Labuan.
5. Standard paid up of U$1.00

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