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Increase the profits of your business today!

$ $ $ * Presenting to you a new and unique system
$ $ $ * Forget your past experiences and possible failures
$ $ $ * It makes good sense to follow a winning formula



Enjoy the benefits of building a business to pass to your children!
Reward Earnings Announcements pay 10% bonus for each referral 5 levels deep.
Increase the profits of your business today!
* Each advertising package that YOU BUY YOU 10,000 credits classified and imagine a 300% return on their buys.
* Daily gains 1,5% bonus points and VIPs!
Auction cents .... ** with luxury cars!!

Heres a hypothetical example:

The company determines that todays revenue allows for a 1.5% award and posts it to the Retail Point Pool which reflects in yours and every other Qualified Members Point Pool account.
Assuming a 1,000 VIP point balance, in this example, it would give you a $15.00 award or $1,015.00.

In our example, lets assume that you have set your preference to use 100% of your daily award to purchase more bids or ad credits to give away as samples to grow your business and your VIP balance.

When you go check your Retail Point Pool Report the next day, you will see that your account balance will now be 1,015 VIP Points because the bids were given away to your retail customers.
On the following day, with 100% repurchase, this would increase to $1,030.22 or 1030 VIP points based on another 1.5% RPP award.

All registered members qualify (regardless of title or rank) to earn through the AdsProfitRewards Member Program:
20% Retail Profits on personally sponsored Premium subscriptions.
Earn 20% on every Silver, Gold, and Diamond subscriptions an member sells, month after month.
20% Retail Profit on Retail Bid or ad credit Sales.
Earn 20% on every bid pack sold on an members personally referred retail customers.
Retail Subscription Profits
Members also earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all the personal retail sales on their Personally Sponsored Members Premium Subscriptions. The 20% is based on the monthly subscription price regardless of rank qualification or placement in the matrix structure. This 20% takes precedence over other matrix commissions as follows and not in addition to it.
The Matrix
A Member who sponsors just two new Qualified Members can earn up to $3.50/month on every paid subscribers in your personal 25 forced matrix down to the 5th level. Each additional 2 Members that you personally sponsor opens your commission to an additional 5 more levels down to 21 levels.


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