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HR Training & Development

TANNET Human Resources Training Centre has specially been established since 1999 based on the increasing demand on HR outsourced training for most industries. Presently, most SMEs have intention to outsource the HR training to outsourcing party due to it being able to improve the employees abilities, skills, and especially professionalism with lower cost.

Human Resources Training & Counseling Services
We have more than 30 HR consultants to provide tailor-made training courses for the employees in all level. In the training, the employees will be able to improve their skills and abilities in management and problem solving.

Human Resources Supply & Demand Matchmaking Services
We provide employee recruitment, executive hunting, labor dispatching, interpreter, and so on. Meanwhile, you would be able to find the right person for the right position through our human resources-matching system on the

Human Resources Paperwork Services
We provide personnel paperwork such as copywriting, drafting of labor contract, employee manuals, personnel policy analysis, personnel management plan, stimulus system and other personnel-related document processes.

Please do not hesitate to contact TANNET at 603 2141-8908 for FREE CONSULTATION or email to [email protected], we are glad to assist you.


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