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How to Speed up Download using IDM

1. How to Change Settings First IDM (Internet Download Manager)

The steps are:
1. Open Internet Download Manager -> Downloads -> Options
2. Connection -> Then change the "Default max. conn. number "from 8 to 16

2. Changing the Number of Decimal Registry on Internet Download Manager

The steps are:
1. Open the Registry settings, (Win + R and Type in regedit)

2. Then the Registry Edit window will appear.

3. Then go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Download Manager ->2 -> "Speed"

4. Then double-click on a String "Speed" and Change Setting Base to "Decimal". Then replace the number with this '2576980377 '

5. Press "OK"

6. Good Luck

3. Using Mozilla Firefox Browser

The steps are:
1. Mozilla browser -> Tools -> ads-on and search Adson faster fox in the search field and install. The function of the plugin / ads-on this is mozilla store frequently visited pages so that if next time we visit the site it will be faster

2. How to Set Mozilla Firefox Faster order:
Open Mozilla Firefox
In the Firefox address bar type about: config

Find the words below using ctrl + f and change as listed in the next.

Network.http.pipelining; False <- click 2 times change "False" to "True"
Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests; 4 <- click 2 times change "4" to "30"

Network.http.proxy.pipelining; False <- click 2 times change "False" to "True"
Then right-click in the blank , then choose New, then fill in the first column integer with nglayout.initialpaint.delay. Press enter one time and enter the number 0 and press enter again.

Restart firefox mozilla browser
Good Luck


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