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Double play packages offered by cable companies

Who does not like a good deal? Every now and then we face the dilemma wherein we have to choose whether or not to buy products or services on a standalone basis. Irrespective of the type of product or service, fact is sellers always try their level best to draw in growing numbers of potential audience. And one of the ways buyers are convinced the best is to nicely bundle up more than one product or service into a deal. By no means is this a situation that we face only in case of telecommunication providers, rather in all types of consumer markets – bundle deals apply to goods ranging from groceries to electronics to apparel, so on and so forth.
Cable companies are certainly no stranger to this common marketing strategy. Without exceptions they all tend to entice potential and existing customers with a wide variety of tempting deals or time barred promotions - offering services in varying combinations to cater to the varying needs of different households.
Today, we will discuss a few telecom giants serving the American masses right across the many states; we will take a look at their Double Play choices to discern whether or not opting for a two-in-one can translate into a worthwhile investment:

First up on our list are Spectrum Double Play options. One of the most awesome providers with maximum coverage nationwide, Spectrum offers combined services at competitive prices.
If we look at the salient features of Spectrum packages, the one that stands out is that you are not bound by a contract whatsoever. While another liberating feature of Spectrum services is that no data caps are imposed on internet plans.

Spectrum Double Play choices include delivery of reliable fiber-backed cable internet starting at a very healthy speed of 100 Mbps while the TV channel lineup starts at an impressive 125+ and that too in HD quality. Additionally, you can get access to premium channels such as HBO and the NFL network while you can also view content of your choice from thousands of titles in the On Demand library whenever you wish. Not to forget the Spectrum TV app actually allows you to carry your entertainment with you wherever you go – all you need is a fast internet connection. That brings us to the mention of thousands and thousands of hotspots you can use nationwide if you have subscribed to Spectrum internet.

Spectrum Customer Care is as effective - available 24/7 they are always proactive at providing resolutions to issues without you having to face hassle.

Another prime provider of bundled telecom services in the United States i.e. Xfinity enjoys massive popularity nationwide. Xfinity Double Plays in fact cater to varied needs – with internet speeds ranging from 75 Mbps to 1 Gbps, you have plenty to choose from the Double Play options based on your individual/household requirements. On top of that, you never have to face frustration while browsing, gaming or streaming, because Xfinity furnishes virtually unlimited 1TB data every month.

As for the thrilling Xfinity TV, you get access to a wide ranged channel lineup starting from 10 essentials right up to 220+ inclusive of premium subscriptions. You will find yourself spoiled for choice to say the least. With Xfinity bundles you will never find yourself wanting as far as TV entertainment, plus Xfinity too facilitates TV-on-the-go, so you can in fact enjoy action, drama, comedy and much more whether you are commuting to and from work, waiting at the airport or dining out.

Take your pick from bundled Xfinity services just the way it fits your needs the best. Whether it is a double combo of TV & phone or TV & internet, it is all up to you. Service provision is anything but ordinary with Xfinity’s highly reliable setup and widespread coverage. Moreover you do not need to worry about getting stuck or the early termination fee - the 30-day Money Back Guarantee offered by Xfinity allows you to discontinue the services without a monetary hit within the first 30 days.

Cox Communications
Cox Communications is ranked as one of the best service providers there is in the United States. With Double Play packages designed from customer’s perspective and priced to fit the customer’s pocket, Cox ensures provision of reliable services with 24/7 customer support. What more could you really ask for?

Remarkable features that make Cox bundles shine bright include a wide range of internet speeds intended to cater to varied consumer requirements, and as broad a spectrum of TV channels, making Cox offerings come across as pretty neat. With the phenomenal Contour App, you can create a list of your favorite TV shows, get recommendations based on your viewing, while the Security Suite, which comes included with Cox Internet subscription, guarantees you remain protected from cybercriminals 24/7.

If you are talking about awesome Double Play packages then you simply cannot ignore the noteworthy Mediacom. Mediacom Cable prices its packages competitively and offers services that are by no means inferior to competitors’.

You can either subscribe to the Mediacom Local Double Play or the Silver 60 depending on what fits your needs and wants – essentially speaking the two options are quite enough to bring you entertainment in all the various genres imaginable. The internet speed is decently fast too at 60 Mbps; while 400 GBs in the data plan is adequate to cater to the requirement of most households. So no more lag-filled browsing or ever-buffering video chat - just log on and stay connected for as long as you need to.

AT&T has always been amongst the giants as far as telecom service providers. You can hardly find a person within the borders of the United States who has not heard the brand name that emerged from the ruins of another Telecom giant of days gone by i.e. Bell Telephone – America’s and also the world’s original telephone provider.

AT&T offers Double Play packages at highly reasonable rates almost throughout the country. With AT&T one can get two types of TV services - DIRECTV satellite service and U-Verse which is based on the rather recent IPTV technology. AT&T Double Plays bundle DIRECTV and U-Verse with high speed internet while also offering other value added services in the bundles. With over 155 channels in vivid HD quality and the option of HD DVR included, AT&T internet and DIRECTV Double Play offers a valuable combo. If you choose to go with the U-Verse Family package, the channel lineup extends to 180+ while the 100 Mbps fast internet supports the IPTV service more than well enough allowing you to stream with 99% reliability as the provider likes to put it.

With services offered across 19 states serving approximately 3.3 million people, Sparklight (formerly Cable One) is the 9th largest residential cable provider in the US in terms of coverage. Sparklight Double Plays are designed to ensure they are given due consideration by the potential clientele despite cut-throat competition – boasting fast internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps & decent enough data plans offering 300 GBs and upwards, Sparklight Double Plays bring you 100 TV channels, many in HD quality. Like competitors Sparklight too offers the convenience of watching TV anywhere anytime with its TV EVERYWHERE app so you will never feel left behind peers even if you cannot catch the direct broadcast of your favorite series. And guess what! Sparklight does not bind you with contracts while also extending 24/7 technical support.

Furthermore, if you opt for a Double Play that includes Sparklight home phone service, you will get to enjoy unlimited nationwide calling - talk your heart out with your loved ones without counting the minutes!

Overall, Sparklight cannot be therefore termed as anything less than one of the best contenders in the telecommunication market.

With coverage extending across 50 states, Windstream caters to the telecommunication needs of 13.7 million Americans. Recent network upgrades, have allowed the provider to fast-roll out fiber-DSL hybrid connections offering a wide range of speeds – from as low as 1.5 Mbps to as high as 1 Gig.

Windstream duos offer high-speed internet with Kinetic TV based on IPTV technology to ensure you can stream and download without lags, buffering, and stress of surpassing the data limit, for there are no data caps imposed. So go ahead and stream TV anywhere you feel like entertaining yourself. The available channel lineup is good enough to keep the entire family happy with programming that covers all the popular genres. Here it must also be mentioned Double Plays that offer phone service come with unlimited nationwide calling and crystal clear voice quality.

Having provided a comprehensive outline of the Double Plays offered by some of the top most telecommunication service providers in the country, we hope you feel informed enough to start narrowing down your options in a bid to subscribe to one of the exciting bundle options that fit your needs and wants the best. By all means explore more for this is only the tip of the iceberg, that is if we consider the wide variety of services these remarkable companies actually provide.
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