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Time now: Jun 1, 12:00 AM review - Is a scam?

Actually Day Job Killer Reversal is a simple 4 step Reversal system to help you make money online.

There are 4 steps;

STEP 1: Create your website -- The creators give users a massively powerful website and domain name. Users can choose from names pre-purchased to give them a sense of "ownership" and pride (some examples:,, .. each of these names are worth $xxx on average but are free with membership). The website template is powered by a ridiculously feature-rich WordPress plugin, which in turn is powered by AffiliateX product API.

STEP 2: Join the secret website -- this is the main event. It's essentially a news aggregator they have spent 1 year + building. Think of it as your personal "hompage" that tracks all the sites you're interested in from one place.

The site is specifically pre-loaded with sites in all of the CB niche categories, so you can quickly scan and get a "feel" for the niche just by checking this one webpage. The site can be accessed online (browser), or on any mobile device, allowing you to view both your personal favorite sites but also sites that relate to your niches. Its the easiest way to become an expert on any niche.

STEP 3: Keywords and opportunities - The programmers have spent over $1 million on PPC ads and got paid and free traffic from tens of thousands of keywords, across EVERY clickbank niche, and tracking ruthlessly. In short, they know exactly where the money is. It would be a shame for that knowledge to go to waste!

As such, they've highlighted the best 1400 keyword opportunities (totalling tens of millions of monthly searches), across 10 niches, with more coming in daily. These are guaranteed proven money keywords, and are sent to the members every few hours..

Lastly, pretty much everyone agrees "content is king" on the net, but its a pain to write high value articles.:

STEP 4: "Talk out" your content - the "secret site" has built-in voice recognition technology that allows you to talk out your content and it is turned into text.

Just pick off a keyword from step 3, talk for a few minutes and you've just created unique content. This is a MASSIVE time-saver for affiliates. The content you speak is auto-posted to your wordpress blog, or facebook fanpage.

You can even talk out product names and they will auto-convert to affiliate links (so saying "Google Reversal is awesome" would insert the text with the Google Reversal affiliate link embedded).

Putting these points together, users get: their own website, access to our secret site, access to our private database of money keywords, plus our voice recognition technology.


The Reversal system is really a COMPLETE system for anyone looking to make money online.

But SPECIFICALLY it's focused on affiliates, search marketers and people who have tried to make money with Google before and failed.

The product takes 3 forms: a website builder, an advanced secret software tool, and complete training guide. Together, this forms a complete system which will allow affiliates to get traffic and make money far faster and easier than ever before.



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