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DEC Power ---Building a global new energy ecosystem based on blockchain.

Linking you and me, driving the future

Based on the development needs of the new energy industry, and the problems that the industry needs to solve. By adopting advanced emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and multi-party computing, DEC power integrates global high-quality industrial producers and operators to reshape the productivity and production relations of the new energy industry chain. New energy supply and demand sides provide a range of intelligent solutions.
The DEC system architecture consists of the underlying (blockchain, Internet of Things, AI), storage, logical, application, and front ends.

Blockchain + Internet of Things + AI
Bottom layer

1. The Internet of Things (IoT) deploys sensors, GPS, environmental detectors, monitoring and other IoT devices on distributed power grids, charging stations, personal charging devices and other terminal devices, and uses LoRa, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and other technologies for device interaction. Health testing and data collection.
2. DEC as a new energy certificate, the characteristics of the blockchain can not be falsified and decentralized determines its irreplaceable importance in the DEC energy network system architecture.
3. Structured and unstructured data generated by the Internet of Things and application platform is stored on the chain by IPFS, HDFS, ELS, DB and other technologies.

4. There are three main points in the application of artificial intelligence. One is data, the other is algorithm, and the third is computing power. In the data field, AI can be combined with blockchain technology. On the one hand, it starts from the application level, and both do their jobs. The AI is responsible for automated business processing and intelligent decision making. The blockchain is responsible for providing credibility at the data layer. Data; on the other hand, the data layer, which can penetrate each other.
Logical layer

The blockchain adopts a "main chain + side chain" architecture, the main chain guarantees the stability of the business, and the side chain ensures the expansion of the business.

Application layer

The three major modules of the basic platform, core services and derivative services have built the application ecology of DEC Energy Network.
front end

According to different roles and application scenarios, the DEC front-end includes Web, mobile app, WeChat applet, DApp, QR code and other service methods to meet the application needs of users in various scenarios.
The application layer is the core of the entire product operation and maintenance. The next step is to introduce the application scenario of DEC power.

In the DEC network, users of different regions and microgrids can use the APP (Android/IOS) to conduct energy transactions and sharing in daily life. APP Wallet helps users manage token assets. The wallet can create new accounts, implement DEC transfers and other future DEC public chain ecological tokens, import and export private keys, and view DEC usage and transaction records. DEC is also involved in the future energy demand between machines and machines. It is first applied to the scenes of new energy vehicles and charging piles, giving digital identity and wallets for future new energy vehicles in the blockchain, unified payment methods and power sources, and letting new Energy vehicles can meet charging and payment actions in an unattended state, and revitalize the supply and consumption of clean energy.


The charging pile is connected to the distributed energy storage equipment in the micro-grid. As long as the new energy vehicle accesses the charging pile in the DEC community, it can go to the corresponding energy exchange to purchase electricity in an unattended state, and pay the digital energy assets (illegal currency). transaction).

DEC POWER can obtain financing through the financing method of “innovation blockchain + energy network” asset securitization. In the DEC POWER energy network, clean energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy, distributed micro-grid, etc. Encrypted blocks of ordered links to verify and store relevant energy transaction data information, while suppliers holding these energy sources can trade in the DEC network. This makes it possible to apply blockchain technology to the energy industry.

The DEC social network covers media, advertising, social networking, voting, and more. Provide users with access to content, sharing and access

In the DEC mall network, offline user information is collected and managed. As the number of users continues to gather, it will attract a range of suppliers related to new energy. And users can purchase a range of products related to new energy in the mall.

It is reported that the DEC charging pile operation team plans to lay 10,000 piles in Fujian Province. Before the end of June, 1000 pilots in Xiamen will use DEC to pay. In three years, 30 major cities in the country will realize more than 300,000 charging pile layouts and use DEC to pay. At the same time, the development plan also presupposes clean energy, such as the integration interface of wind energy and solar energy. DEC will shine its unique ecological positioning and service support in the field of energy intelligent Internet of Things. To build a new DEC global intelligent distributed new energy network with openness, transparency, fairness, credibility, low cost, multi-party cooperation and Zhilian Zhitong for the new energy industry ecology, reshape the production relationship and operation mechanism of the global new energy industry chain, and empower new energy. Enterprises for the benefit of human life.
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