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Commerce Choice Venture Investment Opportunity

Investment planning opportunity !!!

Commerce choice venture is a company that provides investment solutions like consultancy and real time market update and trends. We mainly provide market info and consultancy for Hong Kong Index or Hang Seng Index (HKI) and US Gold investment. Our main partner is IF derivatives SDN BHD, a recognized trading company listed in Bursa Saham Malaysia lists of trading companies. If you are interested in investing in Hang Seng Futures with us, please feel free email me at [email protected] or contact me zati at +60 03 27 240 233. Our company is located in Ampang, opposite MCA building in Hampshire place. Even if you are not interested in investing with us, you can also earn side income by introducing customers who are interested in investment to us to join training, talks and open accounts with us. You can pm me for any questions or information.


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