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Celcom Blue, SOX, UOX, FRENZ to X2: How to?

Are you using Celcom's Blue, SOX, UOX or FRENZ and heard about the X2 plan and would like to switch? I'll show you the steps.

Advantage of the X2 plan?
You get to enjoy call rates as low as 2.8 cents a minute when you call within the same network.

Have friends & family who are using other telcos? Don't worry!
Call rates are 28 cents for 5 minutes.

What does that mean?
The more you talk, the less you pay.

SMS are 1 cent within network and 5 cents to other networks.

Step 1: Please make sure that you have more than RM5 in your balance as it will cost you RM5 to switch. If you don't have enough, please reload before you continue.

Step 2: SMS "Mig X2" to 28882.

Step 3: An sms will be sent to you letting you know that by switching to the new X2 plan, you will no longer enjoy birthday bonus, 8pax or 15pax..etc. If you wish to continue, sms "Mig Yes" to 28882.

Step 4: Another sms will be sent to you congratulating you for now being able to enjoy 28 cents for 10 minutes call.

Thank you for dropping in and thank you for your time.



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