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Cayman Company Registration


The Cayman Islands consists of a group of three islands in the Caribbean which is the Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Cayman offers a well-regulated and internationally respected, offshore business environment. The type of Cayman structure required or best suited for a particular endeavor will depend largely on the type of business and whether it will be conducting its affairs locally or outside of the Cayman Islands. Cayman is the largest center for hedge funds in the world and some funds require regulatory approval. Cayman has jurisdiction with a stable government, a well-developed Common Law system based on English law and a proliferation of world class corporate and service companies, these contributes to an easy running of a business.

ADVANTAGES of Cayman Company Registration

To establish a Cayman company requires only one shareholder and director. And the minimum issued and paid up share capital required is as low as US$ 1 only with a usual authorized capital of US$50,000. It is a need to prepare bookkeeping of accounts, but not for audit and filing.

The time to establish a Cayman company is only two days. The name of the registered company is need not to end with the word Limited or Ltd but it should end with the words Limited

Duration Company or LDC. Names can be expressed in any language using the Latin alphabet, Chinese or Arabic, if the Registrar of Company receives a translation thereof. The corporate documents will however be in English.

Moreover, the Cayman is a tax-neutral country; it charges no income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, wealth tax. But these privileges are to be granted by the Cayman Government for a period up to 30years and normally are grants a 20 year undertaking initially which is normally renewable for a further 10 years on the expiry.

A company only pays the sum of US$ 600 per annum for license fee and there is also an annual return filing fee costs at US$ 250.

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