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Adjustable Anti-Theft Tablet Floor Stand Upto 9.7"-10.1" - TSPAD15-01-SVR

You have a great iPhone or Tablet apps, and planning to showcase and use it for your customer or staff?

Whether providing interactive content, advertisements or simply entertainment, iPads and tablets are becoming a staple throughout restaurants, stores and the hospitality industry. Use a floor stand to create an interactive kiosk, or encourage customers to approach a counter and interact with your products. offers more than just LCD TV displays and racks. We also carry specialty tablet ipad enclosure with stand are designed to hold small format displays. The commercial-grade enclosures are made specifically for public use, and feature 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 VESA configurations!

Countertop ipad mounts are perfect to use within merchandise displays, at registers or in high traffic locations to provide promotional product information.


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