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7 reasons to trade on Forex

Below you will find seven reasons why it is worth trading on Forex international currency market:

1. market working hours is 24/5. Trading positions are opened at 7 a.m. on Monday and closed at 5 p.m. on Friday New Zealand time. You can enter and exit the market any time. The international currency market is functioning without stops. This is very convenient for all traders as everyone has a good opportunity to conduct deals in the convenient for him time.
2. 2Providing the leverage. Leverage is the ratio of the deposit sum and the offered for it equity. Thus, a trader can operate the sums by many times exceeding the initial deposit.
3. An opportunity to maximally precisely forecast the result. As a rule the price change of currency pairs is a predicted process which allows to form the tendency. Thanks to technical analysis a trader can monitor the data and on the basis of the received information make the trading which will bring profit.
4. Low commission. So, any mistake will not cost a fortune. The brokers working on the currency market for more than a year do not take commission for conducting operations or support of the account, even if you are a holder of a mini-account of make operations of low volume.
5. Boundless possibility of profiting. The daily turnover of the international currency market amounts to 1.9 3 billion dollars. The volumes of trading exceed that of stock and futures market.
6. A trader can get the profit in any market conjuncture. On the market there is a certain opposition of one currency to another. Thus, a trader buying one currency is selling another; you are deciding which currency to use while buying or selling.
7. The absolute transparency of the market. Transparency is one of the main advantages of Forex international market. A trader has an ability to manage the risks and to conduct operations in a few seconds. Due to transparency Forex has a high efficiency and the participants have a chance to avoid unpleasant moments connected with Forex trading.



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