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📕 Comment on Gold on March 30, 2021

‼ Ending the session yesterday, gold precious metal had a pretty nice dropping day as analyzed from 1733 to 1705 ($ 28) to close the session at 1710 with a strong drop. This downside span is clear and necessary when the price increases from the "bottom" zone of 1676 to 1755 without any specific correction, not because of the "bond yields ..." that we hear during the day. yesterday. After 10 sessions of trading, Gold price officially broke the 1720 zone to go down, turning this price area into a resistance zone today.
- Considering on the timeframe of D1, gold precious metal, after falling sharply, it will meet the next support zone around 1700-1705. In my opinion, the downside of Gold this phase will stop around this price range to bottom and go up.
- Most obviously, it's inviting to switch to the H4 time frame with continuous withdrawal candles to create uptrend momentum. So we will prioritize buying gold precious metals in today's trading session. The target will be around 1718-1720.


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