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May 12, 2008
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Voltage Stabilizer - What is that?

Voltage stabilizer normally used to protect electical appliance from unstable voltage and also bring up optimum performance. One example is your notebook power adapter, ever notice why after you switch off power but the LED still light up for awhile before it goes down? This is because it has voltage stabilizer inside.

Voltage Stabilizer for CAR

Same goes for car, because it is an ELECTRONIC/ELECTRICAL device. In car, voltage stabilizer serve the following benefits:
- For Auto car, gear shift smoother (You will love driving your car).
- Light (Head, cabin, tail, etc...) become brighter and less dim when air-cond compressor kicks in.
- Reduce sudden car slow down when you rev and at the same time Air Cond compressor pumping.
- Increase battery life span. During engine running current should only draw from alternator but it is impossible for alternator to produce stable voltage so end up current have to be drawn from battery as well under heavy load. With this voltage stabilizer, current draw from your battery is greatly reduced and your battery can last longer than it does before.
- Improve ICE audio clarity and bass because your AMP needs stable voltage
- Engine turns to be quieter because the power from spark plug is enough and misfire is reduced.
- Reduce carbon residual inside your engine chamber, because the combustion is been improved.
- Increase life span of car ECU, Car Player, AMP, and other electrical or electronic components.
- Improve Fuel Consumption
- And other benefits that you can gain from a VS
- All brand of VS are serving same functionality, but just that the performance vary between each other. Internal circuit, Type of capacitor used and quantity, thickness of cable using determine the performance of it
- My VS guarantee to out perform any VS which cost Rm 300 and below in the market. Because many research has been done and the circuit is specially designed to to bring it's full potential.
- Finally so many benefits you can get from just a VS, why not read some feedback below and give it a try today?

Product specification:
- ~96000 uF capacitor bank(Micro Farad, BIG value huh?)
- 16 Volt 105 Celcius high grade good quality capacitors (Every car generating 14.4 Volt, 16V is more than enough to serve the purpose)
- LED indicator light
- Excellent circuit design that brings out full potential of the VS
- 8GA 100% pure COPPER O2 free power cable that maximize current flow in and out of the VS, this is very important for a good VS (Unlike other VS with RED color cable which is 20% copper and 80% aluminum material)
- Good quality casing that doesn't allow goiheat ng in (Unlike aluminum/alloy casing which is heat conductor)
- Heat proof, wrapped by remarkable Insulflex (Most air cond insulator) heat insulator, this is very important as car compartment is very hot. It may not looks nice but this is a performance part not for decoration
- Waterproof
- 2 Years 1-1 Exchange warranty (Even after warranty period over, i can repair with min cost)
- 100% Self invention and assembly. I'm not only the sales man, I'm the engineer that could answer any of your questions as well
- A good VS design covers from in to out, from normal to extreme operating condition, so there are many factors to tell a GOOD VS
- Others? Judge by your eyes on pictures posted

User Feedback:

Car: Toyota Celica
Free Bump

This is Chow...so far i can notice the difference in:

1) Smoother engine acceleration
2) Quieter engine idling
3) Brighter lights
4) Radio reception is stronger, in certain areas usually have distortion, but now no more!!

Well my car air-cond is quite cool, so not so much difference, but the accelerator is very responsive. I have been using Q8 engine oil - i dun quite like it (no offence) maybe not suited for my car, and the engine is a bit loud, but after install the VS, wow! the sound reduce substantially!

Am looking forward to improving my circuit, please confirm time and date to install the GC ok, to hear from you bro!

Car: Perodua Myvi
I got one word for you...
A W E S O M E ! ! !
First impression on the VS + GC on my Myvi... Great! Aircon compressor kicks in and out without any issues ... VC corrects all the voltage ripples which makes all the transitions smooth... Impression is better pick up, smoother compressor kicks in and out etc...

VERY satisfied with the VC and GC! Will monitor FC and other things... Will post updates after more driving ; )

Car: Honda City IDSI
You had your good work for your VS, it really value on money.
I improve the performance for my Honda City and can't feel when the gear is change, when the air-conf is kick in during driving.

But for the fuel consumption, I can't make any feedback on it.
Cause my working place is quite near from my house.

Hope my WIRA can have those performance after your VS, wait you once you ready the VS.

Car: Proton Persona
Hi Guys..
After installed it when i started engine i really cant hear the engine sound like usual!! This one of the instant effect that I noticed. Aircond become very cool till i have to set to the very min. The acceleration improved. Just press the pedal abit and walla! really smooth! Lamp also become brighter than before. My power steering also improved because previously it quite tight for normal power steering.

Car: Perodua VIVA

here are the early result..

aircond-damn cooler then b4 :thumbs :
AC compressor kick in- no feel(it feels like ur AC is not on at all!! :thumbs :
Lights-brighter :thumbs :
dash board lights-also become brighter!! :thumbs :
I.C.E-sound become more clearer although im still on stock ICE but its REALLY CLEAR. :thumbs :
When gear shifts(AT)-REALLY SMOOTH...!!! :thumbs :
FC-still monitoring...will update after a week... :thumbs :

hey all you forumers out there..This VS its really really Value for $$..go buy from this guy...its worthy!!!

u really did a good job on this VS,keep up the good work..don worry i will sure recommend u to ALL my friends including my friends from VIVAC...!!!

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May 12, 2008
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akan diupdate lagi besok. ngantok dah...

product ni kalau beli kat pasaran harga mau dekat nak rm800. saya jual rm200 je.

sebab saya jual benda ni ialah saya dah pakai untuk saya sendiri. and performance keta saya jadi tip top.

aircorn makin kuat. problem susah nak start awal pagi pun hilang dan yang penting petrol jimat. besok saya letak lagi testi pembeli. ni bukan mlm ye. ni diy yg dibuat oleh pakar wiring kereta. banyak club2 kereta kat kuching dah pasang benda ni kat keta. sbb tu saya pun beli 1 gak.


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Mar 11, 2009
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waja punye testimoni xde ker?? ekekeke...:))


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Apr 28, 2009
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apa barang nie?
mana regenya?
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