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To Sell (wts)cRadia Flex Lapper ( cooler + notebook stand all in 1)


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Sep 27, 2008
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cRadia Flex Lapper
No More Laptop Fever!

The Flex Lapper from cRadia – a quality Korean made product. Hold it! Please don’t assume it’s another cooler for your lappy. You are only half right there. Now, this cool Hottie is more than a cooler, it is also a notebook stand. Put it this way, it’s a notebook stand with a cooling function. We call it a Two-In-One. It provides cooling effect and ergonomic comfort.

Product Features

* Flex Lapper is a 2 in 1 product, cooling pad + stand. Flex Lapper provides both notebook cooling and stand function. It provides both cooling effect and ergonomic comfort.
* Notebook computer is used not only on the desk. It can be used on the lap, on the cushion, or on the bed, etc. In the case of problem with ventilation, Flex Lapper performs the supplementary cooling without block of ventilation. In addition, it helps you to use notebook computer at the comfortable posture when your notebook is not used on desk.
* Cool your notebook with 50 cfm airflow which is 2~3 times more than other 2 x 80mm fan cooler.
* Cool your notebook without noise. Fan speed is only 600 rpm which is only one third of other cooler.
* 220mm big fan covers almost your entire notebook surface.
* 1 + 1 USB port is provided.
* It can be packed together with notebook into carrier easily due to its slim design.
* 750g makes it light and not a burden to carry. Easily stow away into your notebook carrier.



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