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To Sell [wts]cheap aipo dry cabinet ! ~ christmas sales ~


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Dec 15, 2010
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AIPO Dry Cabinet

1. AIPO Analog Series

1.1 AIPO Analog AP-Mini ( AP-28 ) for beginers - RM235

Dimension: 420mmx290mmx242mm (1 body, 4 small lenses and 1 flash estimated)

1.2 AIPO Analog AS-21 (4 colours available) - RM247

1.3 AIPO Analog Wide Body AS-41 - RM320

2. AIPO Digital Series (24cm x 24cm tray)

2.1 AIPO AP-38EX - RM390

Dimension: 290mmx300mmx450mm (1 body + grip, 1 80-200mm f2.8 lens, 4 kit lenses and 1 flash estimated)

2.2 AIPO AP-48EX - RM500

Dimension: 290mmx300mmx570mm (1 body + grip, 2 80-200mm f2.8 lenses, 6 kit lenses and 2 flash estimated)

3. AIPO Digital Series
(34.5cm x 34.5cm tray)

Applies to AP-68EX and above (Shown in picture: 1 body + grip, 1 80-200mm f2.8 long lens, 2 flashes and 3 kit lenses)

3.1 AIPO AP-68EX - RM600

Dimension: 380mmx390mmx500mm

The other larger capacity AIPO also have ready stock.

3.2 AP-88EX - ask

3.3 AP-102EX - ask

3.4 AP-132EX - ask

3.5 AP-155EX - ask

The awareness of some of the DSLR's users regarding the importance of storing ur lenses n cameras are still quite low.
Below are some info to help out those who have no idea how dangerous fungus can be.

Most ideal condition for fungus growth
a) %RH above 50% and reaches its peak growing rate between 70% to 90%, which is the common %RH reading for tropical climate
b) Dark places
c) No or little air flow
d) Temperature between 10 to 35 degrees celcius
e) If growing condition is perfect for those fungus, they could grow in just 3 days time!

Why investing in a dry cabinet?
a) The cost of cleaning for just 2 infected lenses is already higher than the cost of a dry cabinet.
b) If the expensive coating on the glass is infected, this coating will be removed as well during the cleaning process. Thus, the optical quality of the glass will deteriorate (introducing more purple fringing, ghosting, flaring and etc)
c) Since a lens is so compact and precise, 100% restoration is difficult to be achieved after dismantling your lens for cleaning purposes. Thus, mechanical quality of the lens might suffer as well (introducing more distortion and front/back focusing problem)
d) Some of your lens maybe could be perfect after cleaning, but be aware that those fungus will hunt you back in a few months time.
e) Considering all these effects, why not invest in a dry cabinet now? Just treat it as an insurance for your precious equipment.

Warranty : All item comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty for manufacturer defects

Shipping : Price listed above is inclusive of free shipping via city link to whole peninsular malaysia ( 1 to 2 working days is needed )

Dealing method : My location is in bkt beruang, Melaka. For those who prefer cod or coc u may meet me in Melaka.

Contact method : Call/sms me (0176320268) , email me ([email protected]) or PM me

Have no idea which model to choose from??
Just ask me for problem about tat..

* PM or SMS me for SPECIAL price as well!! I am always free to entertain you for special price!
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Dec 26, 2007
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bos ak pakai 2 body 4 lens 1 speedlite~
dry box mane seswai~
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