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Paying WTI Crude Oil Investment Online


Aug 4, 2023
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Join a legitimate trading platform called WTI Crude Oil Investment Online with my referral link so I can earn bonus from your deposit. Your earn 13% to 16% on a monthly basis of 40 trading days: is

Register an account using my referral link below

* Add fund to your investment account
* Select a plan and move the fund from your main balance to the selected investment plan
* Wait for 40 trading days to withdraw profit of 10% plus 3% capital back for 33.5 months

So if you invest 100$, you get 13$ after 40 days.

From this 13$, 10$ is your profit and 3$ is your capital back, i.e part of your invested amount. So after the first 40 days, your capital becomes 97$ left in the company's deposit account.

Then after the second 40 days again, you will earn 13$ again and your capital becomes 94$ with the company.

This is how your capital will be paid back to you until it becomes 0$ left with the company and at that stage, your investment has expired, and to continue, you will re-deposit again to start all over.

They have trading proofs which they send to investors and representatives to promote their affiliate programs. They also give you access to their MT4 trading platform via TeamViewer or Anydesk on request for those who are doubting the trading reports so you can compare the trading reports they have sent with that they have in their brokerage company's server.
It is real trading investment company and not a scam project where new investors deposit are use to pay old investors and when there are no new investors funds to pay old investors, then the program will now come to an end. The case here is different. Investor's deposit are used to generate profits on a daily basis which are shared after 40 trading days from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are non-trading days for WTI Crude Oil and that is why the 40 days instead of the usual 30 days.

Give it a try and you will break even within the next 8 months and the rest months will be your profit before the investment period will expired.


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