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When will Call of Duty: Mobile season 2 release?


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Feb 15, 2009
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Activision has started dropping teasers for upcoming content in CoD: Mobile’s season two, and a lot of players have been wondering when it will be released.

So far, two teasers have dropped for season two. One of these revealed a new weapon coming to the game. Based on the teaser, it looks like the JAK-12 shotgun from Modern Warfare is coming to mobile. The weapon is a fully-automatic bolt shotgun that excels in close-range battles.

The other teased a new map that looked like the Hardhat map, which first appeared in Modern Warfare 3. The small map is set in the construction of a building with players engaging in close-range battles for victory.

Seasons in CoD: Mobile usually lasts for about a month with the ongoing season one 2022 scheduled to end on Feb. 23 at 6pm CT, per the in-game countdown. The content update for season two should be released around this time.

The third season should officially kick off 24 hours after the previous one ends, meaning it will likely begin on Feb. 24 at 6pm CT.
In the past, some seasons have been delayed by Activision to ensure a stable release of the new content. That means this date is not set in stone.

While players wait around for it, they can enjoy the new content that has arrived into CoD: Mobile with season one. This includes the Hacienda map from Black Ops 4 and the Red Envelope kill confirmed mode.

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