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What is the Best Forex Trading Strategies?


Jul 16, 2019
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First of all, to use a forex trading strategy you must keep your discipline, as this is the main issue of forex trading.
While this is true, how can you ensure you enforce that discipline when you are in a forex trade?
One way to help is to have a trading strategy that you can get to.
If it is well-reasoned and back-tested, you can be positive that you are utilizing one of the successful Forex trading strategies. That confidence will create it easier to stick to the conventions of your forex strategy, thus, to maintain your discipline.
A good deal of the time when people talk about Forex strategies, they are speaking about a specific trading method that is normally but one aspect of a perfect trading plan
A consistent Forex trading strategy provides advantageous entry signals, but it is likewise critical to note:
1. Risk management
2. Position sizing
3. How and when to exit a trade
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Choosing the Best Forex Strategy for You in 2019

When it comes to clarifying what the best and most profitable Forex trading strategy is, there really is no single response. Here's why. The best FX strategies will be fitted to the person. This implies you need to take your personality and turn out the best Forex strategy to suit you. What may go really nicely for someone else may be a tragedy for you.
Conversely, a strategy that has been ignored by others may turn out to be good for you. Thus, experimentation may be taken to find the Forex trading strategies that work. Vice versa, it can get rid of those that don't work for you. One of the central aspects to consider is a time frame for your trading style.
There are various cases of trading styles (featured below) from short time-frames tolonger one , and these have been widely applied during late years, and still continue to be a popular selection from the list of best Forex trading strategies in 2019. The best forex traders always remain cognizant of the different styles and forex strategies in their hunting for how to trade forex successfully, so that they can select the right one, based on the current marketplace conditions.
• Scalping forex - These are very short-lived trades, possibly held just for just a few minutes. A scalper seeks to quickly get the bid/offer spread, and skim just a few periods of profit before closing. Metatrader platform of most forex brokers offers some of the best forex indicators for scalping. In summation, the Forex-1 minute Trading Strategy can be seen as an exemplar of this trading style.
• Day trading forex strategies - These are trades that are exited before the close of the day, as the name indicates. This takes out the opportunity of being adversely affected by large moves overnight. Day trading strategies are usually the perfect forex trading strategies for novices. Trades may last just a few hours, and the price bars on the charts might typically be set to one or two minutes. The 50-pips a day forex strategy is a full case of a day trading strategy.
• Swing trading forex strategies - Positions held for various days, whereby traders are aiming to gain from short-term price patterns. A swing trader might typically see at bars every half hour or hour.
• Positional trading forex strategies - Long-term trend following, seeking to maximize profit from major shifts in prices. A long-term trader would look at the end of day charts. The best positional trading strategies require immense patience and study along the percentage of traders. It takes a respectable measure of knowledge regarding market fundamentals.

50-Pips a Day forex strategy
This forex strategy leverages early market moves of certain highly liquid currency pairs. The GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs are some of the best currencies to trade using this particular strategy. After the 7am GMT candlestick closes, traders place two spots or two opposite pending orders. When one of them gets activated by price movements, the other view is automatically invalidated.

The profit target is set at 50 pips, and the stop-loss order is placed anywhere between 5 and 10 pips above or below the 7am GMT candlestick, after its formation. This is enforced to handle risk. After these conditions are set, it is now up to the market to take over the rest. Day Trading and Scalping are both short-term trading strategies. Nevertheless, remember that shorter term implies greater risk, then it is of the essence to ensure effective risk management.

Forex Daily Charts Strategy
The best forex traders swear by daily charts over more short-term strategies. Equated to the forex 1-hour trading strategy, or even those with lower time-frames, in that location is less market fluctuation noise involved with daily charts.
Such charts can make you over 100 pips a day due to their longer time frame, which holds the potential to result in some of the best forex traders.

The trade signs are more authentic, and the potential for profit is much heavier. Traders also don't need to be concerned about daily news and random price fluctuations. The method is based on 3 main principles:
1.determine the trend location :
Market trend and consolidate, and this process repeats in cycles. The foremost principle of this vogue is to encounter the long drawn out moves within the forex markets. One room to identify forex trends is by studying 180 periods worth of forex data. Keying out the swing highs and lows will be the adjacent footstep. By referencing this price data on the current charts, you will be capable to place the market direction.
2. Stay focused:
This takes patience, and you will have to capture rid of the urge to go into the market right away. You need to stay away and preserve your capital for a bigger chance.
3.Less leverage and larger stop losses:
Be mindful of the large Intraday swings in the marketplace. Using larger stops, all the same, doesn't mean putting large amounts of capital at risk

While there is a great deal of trading strategy guides available for professional FX traders, the best forex strategy for consistent profits can only be accomplished through extended practice. Here are some more strategies that you can examine:
Forex 1-Hour Trading Strategy
You can take advantage of the 60-minute time frame in this scheme. The easiest currency pairs to trade using this strategy are the EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and the AUD/USD. You would need a 100-pip momentum indicator and indicator arrows; both of which are available in MetaTrader 4.
Buy Trade Rules:

You can get into a long position when both of these conditions are satisfied:
• The 100 pips Momentum indicator triggers a buy signal when its blue line intersects the red line from below
• The Indicator arrow gives a green arrow sign
In this case, you can place the stop-loss below the red indicator line or the most recent support line. You can either conclude the trade after 30-pipes, or you can also call for profit when the indicator arrows give a red arrow signal.
Sell Trade Rules:
You can inscribe a short position when the following conditions are satisfied:

• The 100 pips Momentum indicator triggers a sell signal when its blue line intersects the red line from above
• The indicator arrows give a red arrow signal
Locate the stop -loss above the red-indicator line, or the most recent resistance line. Close the trade after 30-pips, or when the indicator arrows give a green arrow signal

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Thanks for article, very intresting, especially for newbies i think :) I prefer scalping, as it perfect fits to my temperament. I love risk and a lot of deals everyday, so I scalp and keep calm even If I lose. I think that's the best strategy if u know how to stay calm and analyze market. But it's also quite risky, so I think newbies should find something other :)
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Generally, SL and TP is a must I think.
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