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What is Short-Term Corporate Housing?

Elmond Pfeifer

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Every One,
Staying in a traditional hotel for more than a few days can end up being very expensive. Whether you are traveling to an area for business or personal purposes, if you are going to be staying for a period that could result in a high hotel expense, you may want to consider short-term housing. One popular form of rental accommodation is short-term corporate housing.

Short term corporate housing refers to furnished apartments, condominiums, and homes that provide short term accommodations for business executives and people who require temporary housing. Business travelers, people who are relocating, those on short-term temporary work assignments, corporate relocations, and vacationers are just a few of the types of people who can benefit from using short term corporate housing. When compared with other extended stay housing such as hotels and extended stay accommodations, the usual length of stay of short term corporate housing is 30 days, but can be longer.

Corporate apartments are large and spacious, and depending on the type of housing, can include many features such as fully modern furnishings such as luxury furniture, pots and pans, linens, and dishes. As well, they can also include multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a washer and dryer or laundry services, all of the utilities, high speed internet and wireless capabilities, complete kitchens with modern appliances, separate dining and living rooms, and telephone services. Some short term housing accommodations are located in urban areas that are close to all of essentials, while others are located in more private residential neighborhoods. Luxury and convenience are important aspects of short term extended stays. Corporate apartments are much larger than regular and extended stay hotel rooms and provide a home-like atmosphere. Spouses and children can often accompany a business traveler staying at an extended stay housing. Guests can store and cook their own food, eliminating the need for expensive outside dining. Professional guests can also entertain guests or hold private meetings away from the office.

High end extended stay hotels can average anywhere from 20% 30% higher than typical corporate apartments. This is because of the extra amenities and services provided by extended stay hotels.

Many short-term housing clients can include Fortune 500 executives, small and large businesses, various industry executives, Government officials, senior citizens, leisure travelers, and people relocating to an area and are looking for a home. Minimum length of stay requirements vary by property. They can be as short as a week or up to 30 days or more.

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) has created industry accreditation for the corporate housing industry. The title, Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP) sets objectives, standards, and guidelines for assessing the corporate housing renters' knowledge about providing high quality employees and efficient short-term housing. When one receives the certification, it means that they follow the highest standard in the corporate housing industry that ensures clients will receive respect and be given courteous service by trained and skilled staff

After a busy and productive day at work, guests can return to housing that is much like a home environment instead of small and impersonal hotel room. When looking for luxury temporary housing that provides luxury and convenience, short-term corporate housing may be the best choice.

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