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For the month of Ramadhan, we will be giving out additional bonuses to those who could successfully refer 3,5 and 10 friends and family members on Wahed. Hurry and don’t lose on this opportunity - campaign ends on the 12th May 2021!

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How it works

You will still get RM 10 for each successful referral (as per our ongoing referral campaign) but as soon as you’ve referred the 3rd, 5th and 10th person successfully by 12th May 2021, you will receive an additional bonus of RM 50, RM100 and RM 250 respectively. Bonuses will be paid out by the end of May 2021. Here’s an example :


*Terms & Conditions Applied


If I refer 5 people, does that mean I get RM 50 and RM 100 combined?
You will only receive additional RM 100 bonus after the campaign ends.

What if I were to refer 4 friends, which additional bonus will I get?
You will only be eligible for the RM 50 bonus.

Will the person I successfully referred and I still
get the standard RM10 each?

Yes, that is still ongoing. For every person you successfully refer, you and the person you referred will get RM10 each. The additional bonus will only be awarded to you (the person referring their friends) if you hit the targets listed above.

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