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Jan 4, 2019
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In detail, for a registration via my link you will get :
- a virtual credit card + a free metal credit card for life
+ 30€ bonus from Vivid
+ access to superdeals for 1 month: up to 70€ of boosted cashback on your purchases paid with the CB
+ access to Insta Cashbacks allowing you to get additional cashback (limit 20€ or 100€ per month if Prime) - temporary offer
+ 1 month of Vivid Prime status, allowing you to get cashback on all your purchases, including abroad (limit 100€ per month with InstaCashback)

To benefit from it, you just have to :
- click on the referral link

then enter your phone number in the form
- only then, download the vivid application via google play or app store, and register using the same phone number (it only takes a few minutes, you just need to have your ID card or passport nearby)
- make a minimum purchase of 20€ by paying with the virtual credit card (online) or the metal credit card (online or in store) within 90 days (condition for us to have our bonuses)
- contact me for the tracking of the order or contact on [email protected] )
- once your 20€ purchase is made, we will both receive our referral bonus, and I will pay you the agreed amount by bank transfer, paypal or e-gift check, at your choice.

Vivid is a financial application that offers a free credit card, accessible to all without income conditions, and many advantages. The account is free, no hidden fees.

Sponsorship allows :
- free access to superdeals for 1 month: cashbacks at a great rate on purchases paid with the credit card, in the biggest brands, up to 70€ every 2 months
For example: up to 20% cashback at Leclerc or Carrefour (even on fuel), Lidl, Amazon, Sncf, Ikea, UberEats, Fnac, etc. (the list varies every 15 days or so).
- Vivid Prime status for 1 month: it allows you to get cashback on all your purchases in France and abroad, and other advantages.
At the end of the month, you will become a standard Vivid, and you will still have your free credit card and access to cashback on certain brands. You can extend your Vivid Prime status under certain conditions.
- Additional cashback via instacashbacks and non-super-deals cashback

You can withdraw your cashback bonuses by outgoing wire transfer whenever you want, or leave them in your vivid account where they will grow in line with the stock price of a stock of your choice (no risk of loss, the amount can only grow, if the stock price drops the bonus stays at its original amount)

I am at your disposal if you have any questions.

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