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(Tips & Tricks) [Tutorial] How To Play any AP2.5 Games


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Jul 20, 2010
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ok i was seaching and i find this i have not test it yet but there is a video
and i translet it to english with google in case you dont understand

Clarified that this method is not final if no time for those who do not endure in playing the new titles with Surge AP 2.5.

As we all know c4eva already announced the new firmware iXtreme that tripped but still do not have the exact date of the release so he can follow this guide enjoy and entertain a little until it is released firmware.

An important detail this method is for users with basic skills such as arm and disarm your xbox.

To make this work we need to modify the power cable that goes to the player making a bridge and putting a simple switch.

The method is as follows
But first I notice that neither the web nor I liable for any damage to your xbox because of not properly follow the instructions.

To begin we must be disarmed xbox

We will need the following materials:
-Have a banned xbox not need the function to install the game on the HDD
"Having the HDD space to install the game
Preferably, should have a reader in the xbox with iXtreme Lite does not matter if 1.0 or 1.1
"A switch (On Off Switch)
Power-Cable xbox Reader
-Duct tape to protect the cables after modification
Ap-Backup 2.5 I used to believe Brotherhood Assassin
"A stake whatever happened without ap 2.5 I use the Backup GTA IV may be original or

Well now with all this in hand we proceed to modify the power cable from the reader to follow this diagram.

This is the diagram of the cable without being modified if a cable cut and then not know where he was connected.

Cable Front

Ahora les pongo el diagrama que seguiremos para modificar el cable.

(If you do not want to use the open xbox consider adding a little more wire to the switch so that when people engage the Xbox will be accessible)

First peel the cables 9 and 10 to join half and half
Then peel the cable 5 in the same manner as the other two.

The union of the cables 9 and 10 put a fence extra cable to a pin of the switch. (On Off Switch)

Cable 5 also put a wire to the other leg of the switch (switch) so that we stay like this photo.

Since the cable well connected and we taped it to the next step

Importantly, if you use the Switch (Switch) do not leave it turned on when you turn the console always leave it disabled to prevent possible failures only offer activenlo when they need to do the swap \

Now let's say we play Assassin Creed Brotherhood to put this game in the tray and installed it in the xbox hard drive trader a few minutes but they will be worth it, because what we have installed it in there and do the following:

We activate the switch (switch) so that the circuit is closed in this manner will open the tray and let us do a swap that will allow us to start without any problems.
(Do not use the open tray button on the console because if they do not work)

We earlier you start any game without any problems (no AP 2.5) either as I use the original GTA IV but may use any even a Backup, it is important that you do not have protection Ap 2.5

And with the game in the tray by pressing the switch (switch) again to close the tray without the xbox did it detects a disk change.

Now simply press the button "A" to start the game normally we skip a error that says the disc is not recognized, go back to press "A" and started the game without any problems as shown in the following video .
Right now I only offer I've tried the Assassin creed and the need for speed and I go very well with this method.

My console has the official Update Kinect and I even go so well

Share your experiences with other games that have ap 2.5

Any questions or part of the Institute who do not understand leave it posted.

Remember to click on "Thank You" if they were useful.

Here leave the list of games with AP 2.5, which worked correctly with this method.

The list is so at the moment but will be updated as testing or as fence share their experiences.

Running 100% Games
Assassin Creed-Brotherhood-
-Need For Speed Hot Pursuit "
"Fable 3 -
please rep+ if it work for you


selamat Mencuba:)
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Dec 21, 2009
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malas nk baca la,,,, translate kan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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