Tutorial:How To Install Windows 7 from a USB stick

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Dec 9, 2009
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This guide is good if you want to install to a netbook or laptop that doesn't have a CD-ROM or if you'd like to get a speedier install on your desktop PC:

1. Download the latest ISO image of Windows 7
2. Use MagicISO or any other SW that can read and extract the contents of the ISO.
3. Extract all the files to a folder of your choice ( ex. C:\Windows 7). If you use MagicISO you'd want to right click on the ISO file and then select "Extract to..."
4. attach a USB stick of at least 4 GB size
5. Select "Start->Run..." and type "cmd.exe"
6. At the DOS prompt type " diskpart"
7. type "list disk"

You will now see a list of all installed hard drives and any attached USB drives, please make sure that you select the correct disk at the next step. If you select the wrong disk you will loose any data on that disk and potentially erase your entire system. Be double sure you know what you're doing before continuing!

For the rest of this guide I will assume that my USB drive is "Disk 3" and that I've extracted the ISO to e:\

Now, continue to type, in sequence, at the diskpart prompt (without qoutation marks):
8. "select disk 3"
9. "clean"
10. "create partition primary"
11. "select partion 1"
12. "active"
13. "format fs=fat32"
14. "assign"
15. "exit"

You should now have a clean and bootable USB drive Now we need to get the Windows install files on to the USB drive:

16. At the DOS prompt type "xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f f:\" ( in this set of commands we assume that your USB drive is mounted as F:\ )

That's it! Safely unplugg your USB drive and boot your netbook/laptop/desktop from it. The install we be done in no time...

Have used this method to install WinXP, OSX and Windows 7 on netbook that. It should work with any CD/DVD based installation.#:-S

p/s really sori guys,no screenshot.
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Jun 7, 2010
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bole pakai ke??

mushkil nie...

mcm tk cukup da guide dia
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