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Sep 2, 2008
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10 is a group of skilled business people whose objective is to obtain profits making investments. Everyone of us has a high knowledge level about how the money moves in e-commerce, so we can practically ensure that the investments we are making generates high rentability with low risk due to the skill and experience of each member of the We've been reliably producing similar returns with over 3 years of actual experience. We have made it our full time career to profit from our investments and trading in a wide range of financial markets. We decided to go online with an offer of a realistic safe daily return, and provide you with the comfort of knowing your investment returns are generating profits at any given moment.
Thank you for your interest. Please read our rules and FAQ before join this program.
First 10 member deposit will received 20% in balance

Test plan 4.5% hourly for 24 hours
Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $10 4.50

Test plan 110% after 1 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $100 110.00

30% daily for 5 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1 - $100 24.00
Plan 2 $101 - $500 26.00
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 28.00
Plan 4 $1,001 - $3,000 30.00

Monitor plan ( 1% daily forever)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $100 1.00

All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is US$1 and there is 3000 maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.
We accept : Libertyreserve (it is the best payment processor today for investment programs) .
For your security, all withdrawals are processed manually. Your withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours but usually within a matter of a few hours.
Withdrawal fees will be only 1.5%.
Spam not allowed, we have zero tolerance with spam.
You cannot sign under yourself,one member can have only one account here. Anyone found in violation will have all offending accounts deleted without warning!
You must have an active deposit to recieve referral commissions.

Use our referral program and earn up to 7.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses:
Name From To Commision (%)
Plan 1 1 50 5.00
Plan 2 51 and more 7.00
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