The Sultan and his 5000 cars-Boleh check VIN no kalau tak percaya

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Nov 29, 2007
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Though we can't confirm its legitimacy, after the jump you'll find a list of just some of the vehicles registered by the Sultan of Brunei. We suspect that the list is several years old now because it doesn’t include some of the more recent supercars that we know would be on the Sultan’s wish list.

With no less than 9 McLaren F1s including the limited edition GTR version and a separate category for Mercedes and AMG models, the Sultan has left virtually no expensive piece of metal out. On top of the fleet of regular cars is the Sultan’s personalised vehicles including a Ferrari that was converted into a utility and the world’s only Mercedes CLK GTR in right-hand drive. A big fan of Formula One, the Sultan even owns an F1 car driven by every World Drivers Champion since 1980.

One strange fantasy of his is to own a model for each color that a car came in. That’s why you will often see up to 10 versions of the same car in his fleet. During the 1990’s the Sultan and his family accounted for half of all Rolls-Royce purchases, which stands at close to 200 cars. His personal collection, which is in excess of 5000 cars are kept in 5 aircraft hangers with a crew of specialists from various auto manufacturers looking after them round the clock.

Pictured above is just one gold plated building name after the Sultan.
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Nov 29, 2007
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Nov 29, 2007
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E siamo solo alla A....


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peh...gile kentang


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ben phoenix bp9969 scbzh04c6tch00473

ben imperial bp3131 scbzh04c8sch00344

ben imperial bn7117 scbzh04a1svch345

ben imperial bp6116 scbzh04c6sch00343

ben spectre bn1989 scbzh04cotch00470

ben cont.r 1dpd scbzh04a8sch00276

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04d1nch44583

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a5nch44320

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a9lch31440

ben cont. Dpd scbzd00o5ech08901

ben cont. Dpd scbzd00axnch40039

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d9pch46543

ben turbo r dpd scbzp04a7nch44373

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a8mch35528

ben turbo r dpd scbzp04a0mch35321

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d5pch46538

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a4lch32138

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d6pch46449

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d0pch46446

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d1pch46536

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d1pch46469

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d4pch46479

ben turbo rl none scbzp04dxpch46468

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d8pch46470

ben cont. Dpd scbzd00a9lch30129

ben cont. Bm2277 scbzd04d6nch40091


CG Hardcore
Platinum Member
Nov 29, 2007
Reaction score
Ben cont. Dpd scbzd00axlch30267

ben turbo r ke9900 scbzr04a9lch32930

ben mulsanne bk7766 scbzs0t04hch20477

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d0pch46480

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d3pch46537

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d2pch46478

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04dxpch46535

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d5pch46541

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d2pch46545

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d0pch46544

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d8pch46534

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d7pch46542

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04d4pch46448

ben cont. Bm2228 scbzd04dxnch40093

ben cont. Bm2288 scbzd04d8nch40092

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a2nch44453

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04a3kch24889

ben turbo rl dpd scbzr04axlch32130

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a4nch44471

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04a6nch44509

ben turbo rl ke7799 scbzp04a0nch44473

ben azure dpd scbzr04a0lch31620

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04axlch31222

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a9mch34422

ben cont.r dpd scazw00dxpch80052

ben cont.r dpd scazw00dxpch80049

ben cont.r dpd scazw00d2pch80045

ben cont.r dpd scazw00d6pch80050

ben mulsanne dpd scbzs0t07dch07376

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a2lch32090

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a8lch31946

ben turbo r dpd scbzp04a0nch44439

ben turbo r dpd scbzp04a9nch44326

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a8lch32997

ben val d’iser ke9922 scbzr04a2mch35198

ben brooklands dpd scbze02a5pch46117

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a9nch44403

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04d1nch44390

ben turbo rl dpd scbzp04a8nch44141

ben cont.r dpd scbzw00d6pch80047

ben turbo r dpd scbzr04a4mch34845

ben cont.r dpd scazw00d8pch80048

ben cont.r dpd scazw00d8pch80051

ben azure bp9933 scbzk16c3tch53765

ben cont. Bl9229 scbzd00a9lch30096

ben mulsanne bf900 scbzs0t02ech08680

ben b3 bm8877 scbzb04c7rch52074

ben cont.r bn2299 scbzb04c4rch52209

ben phoenix bn5335 scbzh04a6sch00146

ben cont.r bn1119 scbzk04c2rch00111

ben cont.r bp8668 scbzk04c4rch00109

ben phoenix bn5225 scbzh04a4sch00145

ben b3 bn8998 scbzb04c8sch52378

ben spectre kf8787 scbzh04a1sch00121

ben cont.r bp2233 scbzh04a6sch00258

ben spectre kf8833 scbzh04a3sch00122

ben b3 bn6969 scbzb04cxsch52334

ben spectre bn3322 scbzh04a0sch00126

ben phoenix bn5005 scbzh04a0sch00143

ben silverston kf8877 scbzh04a0rch00301

ben montecarlo bp2200 scbzh04c7sch00321

ben cont.r bn8888 scbzb03c0sch52358

ben silverston kf8809 scbzh04c3sch00476

ben b2 kf9978 scbzb04c7sch52436

ben azure bp2828 scbzk15c6vch61010

ben cont.r none scbzh04a8sch00228

ben sports est kf1954 scbzh04d7pch00206

ben spectre bp1828 scbzh04c4tch00472

ben phoenix bp1928 scbzh04cxtch00475

ben azure pap scbzk16c4tch53760

ben b2 bp3003 scbzb04c8sch52431

ben azure bp5858 scbzk15cxvch61026

ben b3 bn608 scbzb0402sch52439

ben azure bp3366 scbzk15cxvch61043

ben b3 kf6363 scbzb0460sch52438

ben cont.r bn6161 scbzh04a3sch000251

ben rapier bp220 scbzh16c7tch00429

ben silverston bn368 scbzh04c5sch00477

ben java p700 bq7878 scbvh99c8rch00480

ben rapier kf9111 scbzh16d7tch00428

ben b2 bn222 scbzb04c2sch52442

ben azure bn1010 scbzk15cxvch61088

ben azure kf9899 scbzk15c0vch61083

ben buccaneer kf9928 scbzh16c3tch00434

ben cont.r bm1154 scbzb03d9nch42103

ben buccaneer bp2121 scbzh16c5tch00435

ben b3 bp7557 scbzb04c9sch52440

ben azure bp1838 scbzk15cxvch61060

ben azure bn1128 scbzk15c5vch53772

ben azure bn1168 scbzk15c8tch53844

ben cont.r bp7667 scbzh13c3rch00415

ben b3 bp3300 scbzb04c0sch52391

ben java p700 bn32 scbvh99cxrch00481

ben b2 kf9992 scbzb04c45sch52443

ben b2 bn1100 scbzb04c6sch52444

ben turbo r wcm9999 scbzp04a1mch33870

ben cont.r wcu2 scbzb04d5nch42176

ben rapier kf9555 scbzh16c8tch00431

ben cont.r bq20 scbzh23c1sch00411

ben buccaneer kf9997 scbzh16c9tch00437

ben buccaneer kf9998 scbzh16c7tch00436

ben rapier kf9996 scbzh16c1tch00433

ben rapier kf9991 scbzh16c6tch00430

ben turbo r dpm scbzr04a5mch35342

ben grandprix bn65 scbzh04c7rch00362

ben grandprix bp9299 scbzh04c0rch00364

ben b2 m347myf sdbzbo4c5sch52435

ben azure 1j scbzk15c6tch53664

ben b2 m1sty scbzb04csrh52042

ben cont.r l958hyn scbzbo4c2rch52130

ben cont.r sjl1 scazh13c1rch00414

ben cont.r jb3 scbzbo4d7pch00207

ben cont.r m670myr scbzko4d1pch00106

ben cont.r j1nbd scazbo3ah4nch42080

ben cont.r 8dpd scbzbo4c1sch52321

ben phoenix m1nts scbzho4a7sch00141

ben cont.r 1pb scbzh04a8sch00262

ben cont.t m1key scbzu23c1vch53352

ben cont.t c1ock scbzho4c9rch00413

ben cont.r 1h scbzho4dopch00208

ben azure 1a scbzk15c4tch53677

ben cont. 1son scbzbo3aonch42013

ben cont.r 1phb scbzh04a8sch00259

ben cont.r rob1n scbzbo3c4rch52101

ben turbo r hak1m scbzro4a1lch31089

ben turbo r 1jet scbzro4a1nch44198

ben cont.r but1e scbzo3cxrch52152

ben turbo r bl8000 scbzr04axmch35451

ben sports est dpd scbzh04d8pch00201

ben azure bp9900 scbzr16c3tch53751

ben cont.r bq7033 scbzb04d2pch42560

ben buccaneer bq1122 scbzh16c0tch00438

ben azure pap sbczk16c9tch53768

ben pegasus bp9911 scbzh16c0tch00441

ben pegasus bq7170 scbzh16c9tch00440

ben buccaneer bp9191 scbzh16c2tch00439

ben turbo r bj7 scbzr03d6pch46060

ben azure pap scbzk16c9tch53771

ben rapier bq7592 scbzh16cxtch00432

ben dominator bq7667 scbth98c7tch00423

ben dominator bp9669 scbth98c5tch00422

ben grandprix bp9996 scbzh04c9rch00363

ben java p700 bp9997 scbvh99d2rch00483

ben java p700 bp9222 scbvh99c1rch00482

ben azure bq888 scbzk16c6tch53761

ben cont.r 1hb scbzh00a8sch00042

ben azure b1 scbzk16c1tch53778

ben java p700 bq7563 scbvh99c5rch00484

ben silverston bq9989 scbzm04a6rch00304

ben java p700 bq8778 scbvh99c7rch00485

ben java p710 bq9222 scbvh99c5tch00492

ben java p710 bq7567 scbvh99c7tch00493

ben dominator none scbth98c0tch00425

ben dominator bq7570 scbth98c2tch00426

ben grandprix bq7568 scbzh0ac2rch00365

ben cont.r none scbzk04d4pch00102

ben arnage bq7156 scblb51e8xch01110

ben java p710 bq2323 scbvh99c2tch00496

ben pegasus bq9919 scbzh16cxtch00446

ben pegasus bq7542 scbzh16citch00447

ben pegasus bq9995 scbzh16catch00443

ben cont.r none scazw00d1pch80053

ben turbo rl dpm scbzp04a9mch35818

ben turbo r none scbzr0a0lch32315

ben val d’iser none scbzr04a8lch33552

ben b2 bq7135 scbzb16c9tch53169

ben brooklands bq2189 scbzf28c1wch66896

ben grandprix bq7043 scbzh04c4rch00366

ben java p710 bq7007 scbvh99c9tch00494

ben java p710 bq5775 scbvh99c0tch00495

ben pegasus bq7194 scbzh16c3tch00448

ben b2 bq1771 scbz316c4tch53175

ben pegasus bq7197 scbzh16c5tch00449

ben dominator bq7587 scbth98c9tch00424

ben turbo r pap scbzp04a7mch35803

ben spectre dpm scbzh04a9sch00125

ben b2 bq7015 scbzb16c5tch53184

ben val d’iser bm3114 scbzr04a6nch44245

ben pegasus bs9995 scbzh16c5tch00452

ben pegasus bq7585 scbzh16c7tch00453

ben grandprix bs9955 scbzh04d4rch00361

ben dominator bs9929 scbth98c4tch00427

ben java bs9997 scbvh99c4tch00497

ben b2 bs9991 scbzb16c8tch53180

ben arnage bq1999 scblb51exxch01108

ben cont.r dpm scbzb03d6pch42529


bim db2sr bn219 db200410

bim sb7 bn189 sb600413

bim supermono kf119 bb100080


CG Hardcore
Platinum Member
Nov 29, 2007
Reaction score

BMW 750iL BP9889 WBAGK22090DH61233

BMW 535i BL9678 WAPBA35012BB20571

BMW 328i KF8282 WBBK82020ET80957

BMW 530i BQ7037 WBAHK220X0GF75090

BMW 750i BQ3515 WBAGC820004372784

BMW 750i BQ3509 WBAGC820204372625

BMW 735iL BK145 WBAGC820104372728

BMW 750iL BQ3516 WBAGC82030DC71208

BMW 750i BQ3513 WBAGB82070DB54332

BMW 735i BQ3518 WBAGB620801660531

BMW B10 BK8800 WBAH22060BF53160

BMW 535i BK7780 WBAH022050BF52503

BMW 535iA KF9299 WBAHD22090BF53265

BMW 750iL BQ3366 WBAGC820104372261

BMW 750i BQ7188 WBAG82030DB54313

BMW 535iA BQ7129 WBAHD22020BF53267

BMW 530i BQ7531 WBAAKZZ050GF75093

BMW 530i BN1889 WBAHKZZ060GF75040

BMW 530i BN2819 WBAHK22060GF75023

BMW 535i BK9385 WBAHD220X0BF52643

BMW Z1 BN2121 WBABA91070AL03888

BMW 530i BN8105 WBAHKZZ060GF75037


BMW M535i BH9597 WBADC82OX00660712

BMW Z1 BK5511 WBABA91060AL01467

BMW Z1 DPD WBABA91060AL01842

BMW Z1 DPD WBABA91000AL03649

BMW 535i BK7199 WBAHD22090BF53198

BMW 535i BH1377 WBAHD220504139188

BMW B10 BK8571 WAPBA35011BB20518

BMW 535i BJ9535 WBAHD220X04139753

BMW 535i BJ9900 WBAHD220904139856

BMW 535i KE7557 WBAHD22040BF52511

BMW 750iL BJ7484 WBAGC82020DC71037

BMW 750i BP2011 WBAGC820504372781

BMW 750i BQ3501 WBAGB8200DB54267

BMW 850i NONE WBACG22B70CB57078

BMW 530i BP1299 WBAHK22000GF75034

BMW 530i BQ7038 WBAHK22030GF75089

BMW 530i BN8778 WBAHK220X0GF75087

BMW 530i BM9992 WBAHK22060GF75068

BMW 530i BM9992 WBAHK22000GF75079

BMW 530i BQ8787 WBAHK220400GF75084

BMW 535i KF8579 WAPBA35011BB20515

BMW 850i BMW850 WBAEG22040CB57197

BMW 750iL BQ3511 WBAGB820X0DB54230

BMW 750iL BQ3504 WBAGC820904372136

BMW 750iA KF9333 WBAGB82080DB54128

BMW 735iL BQ3503 WBAGC820X0DC71125

BMW 750iL BQ3517 WBAGC82090DC71195

BMW 850i KE8508 WBAEG22090CB57275

BMW 750i BQ3514 WBAG082020DB54352

BMW 735i BQ3512 WBAGB620201660928

BMW 750iL BP2013 WBAGC82050DC71310

BMW 735i BP2015 WBAGC820804372841

BMW 735i BQ3510 WBAGC820004372882

BMW 850i BL9125 WBAEAG220800CB577

BMW 535i BN5995 WBAHD220X0BF52903

BMW 325i KF9388 WBABB22010EC15224

BMW M3 BK7105 WBSBB05090EB86177

BMW 750iL BQ8888 WBAGC820404372707

BMW 735i KD1745 WBAFH820007872035

BMW 535i BH5351 WBADC810700655159

BMW 535i KE9398 WBAHD22000BF53199

BMW 750iL BQ7000 WBAGC8204DC71170

BMW 750i KF9919 WBAGB82090DB54123

BMW 735i BG7920 WBAFH4207C7426817

BMW 750i NONE WBAGC82030DC71340

BMW 325i KF9989 WBABJ62080EC76063

BMW M3 BN379 WBSBJ92080ES85355

BMW 850i BL8898 WAPBC50C02D110063

BMW 850i BL3000 WBAEG22010CB57612

BMW 850i KE8505 WBAEG22010CB57075

BMW 540i BQ1661 WBADE62040BW70106

BMW 750iAL BQ3502 WBAGC82090DC71357

BMW 850i BN2829 WBAEG22000CB57441

BMW 535i BK7755 WBAHD22090BF53590

BMW 535i BJ8888 WBAH220004575320

BMW 535i BK9119 WBAHD22010BF52904

BMW 535i KE9527 WBAHD22050BF52758

BMW 535i KE8383 WBSHD92070GA25263

BMW 850i BN2139 WBAEG22030CB57787

BMW 750iL BP9898 WBAGK22000DH61234

BMW 850i BM7557 WBAEG22050CB57032

BMW 750i BK7510 WBAGB82050B541211


BMW 850CSi KF6783 WBSEG92000CC88048

BMW 850i BN2188 WBAEG22020CB57683

BMW 535i BM501 WBAHD22024139892

BMW 850i BN2899 WBAEG22040CB57426

BMW 850i BN1969 WBAEG22030CB57336

BMW 850i BN1979 WBAEG22060CB57220

BMW 850i BN2889 WBAEG22000CB57732

BMW 850i BQ1010 WBAEG22070CB57212

BMW 850i BN2199 WBAEG22020CB57473

BMW 850i BN1980 WBAEG22010CB57772

BMW 850i BN1938 WBAEG22080CB57428

BMW 850i BN2289 WBAEG22040CB57474

BMW 850i BN2818 WBAEG220X0CB27396

BMW 850Ci BN2198 WBAEG22000CB57908

BMW 850i BQ2838 WBAEG22080CB57185

BMW 850i BN2218 WBAEG22030CB57742

BMW 850i BN2918 WBAEG22030CB57773

BMW 850i BN2238 WBAEG22090CB57390

BMW 850i BN2219 WBAEG22050CB57743

BMW 850i BN2298 WBAEG22090CB57521

BMW 850i BN1978 WBAEG22060CB57394

BMW 850i BN2293 WBAEG22010CB57383

BMW 850Ci BN2778 WBAEG22050CB57919

BMW 850i BN2189 WBAEG22030CB57269

BMW 850i BN1929 WBAEG22000CB57357

BMW 850i BN1822 WBAEG220X0CB57575

BMW 850i BN9996 WBAEG22000CB57729

BMW 850i BN1939 WBAEG22010CB57268

BMW 850i BN2919 WBAEG2208OCB57686

BMW 850i BN2318 WBAEG22090CB57440

BMW 850i BP1879 WBAEG22000CB57083

BMW 850i BN2898 WBAEG22000CB57133

BMW 850i KE8790 WBAEG22060CB57606

BMW 750iL BJ9579 WBAGL8204372337

BMW 750iL BJ9229 WBAGC820X0DC71092

BMW 735iL KD3051 WBAGC620X02725273

BMW 750iL KE5753 WBAGC820204372141

BMW 750iL KE5735 WBAGC820X04372128

BMW 850i KE8502 WBAEG22090CB57079

BMW 325i BM9995 WBAGC62090EC76105

BMW 325i KF1128 WBABJ620EC76420

BMW M3 BN378 WBSBJ62000ES83270

BMW 525i BN6886 WBAHD62080BJ37678

BMW 850i KE8503 WBAEG22050CB57080

BMW 850i BK2 WBAEC22020CB57098

BMW 525i BL9820 WBAHJ62090GD10H00

BMW 850Ci BL9088 WAPBC50C02D110064

BMW 850CSi KF6782 WBSE692070CCAA046

BMW 850Ci BN1988 WBAEG22050CB57967

BMW 750iL BK9282 WBAGC82050DC71176

BMW 530i BN8107 WBAHK22010GF75088

BMW 530i BN8106 WBAHK22040GF75036

BMW 850i BL2680 WBAEG22010CB57402

BMW 735i BQ3505 WBAGB42040DB31101

BMW 750iAL BQ3508 WBAGC820104372504

BMW 750iAL BQ3355 WBAGC820204372818

BMW 735iL BQ3506 WBAGC82020DC71068

BMW 735i BE7351 WBAGB82030DB54120

BMW 750iL BQ3530 WBAGC820504372232

BMW 750iL BQ3507 WBAGC82050DC71128

BMW 325i BM9656 WBABF42060JA89854

BMW 530i BN6262 WBAHK22030GF75092

BMW 530i BM9922 WBAHK220X0GF75039

BMW 850i KF2032 WBAEG922090CB57776

BMW M1 DPD WBS59910004301120

BMW 530i BN1889 WBAHKZZ090GF75095

BMW 1100LT KE9929 6459817K1100LT

BMW 320i BM8902 WBACB22060FA05331

BMW M3 BN1110 WBSBF92080EA66626

BMW 328i BP9332 WBACD22070AS64592

BMW 328i BP8281 WBACD22080A564634

BMW 328i BP8629 WBACD220X0A564733

BMW 735iL BP2014 WBAGC82000DC71067

BMW 750iL BP2010 WBAGC820604372725

BMW 750iL BQ767 WBAGC82020DC71359

BMW 750iL BQ747 WBAGC82090DC71178

BMW 735iL BQ727 WBAGC820404372416

BMW 540i L51HUW WBAHK42090GB64016

BMW 525i P990RUL WBAHJ62060GD13416

BMW 540i 1TOY WBADE62090BW71025

BMW 750i N922OYM WBAGG22020DG70032

BMW 325i PGN1 WBAB822090EC15357

BMW 850i H1PNR WBAEC22040CB57121

BMW 328i N809GLH WBACD22090AS61838

BMW B10 KE8579 WBAHD22020BF54368

BMW E39 ALPINA BQ8890 WBADE62050BW72060

BMW 750iL KF9922 WBAGC82000DC71151

BMW 540i BH724 WBAHE62030GF20334

BMW 735iL KA724 WBAGC42020DC16872

BMW 850i BL3003 WBAEG22000CB57214

BMW 530i BL26 BAHK22070GF75094

BMW 850i BH8 WBAEG22030CB57319

BMW 750i BM8724 WBAGB82050DB54457

BMW 750i BM12 WBAGB82060DB54175

BMW 320i BM8903 WBACB22020FA06198

BMW 318IS BR9321 WBABE82070EU21896


BMW 530i BM88 BAHK22040GF75070

BMW 850i BL2768 WBAEG22040CB57376


BUG 110EB KF6780 ZA9BB02E0PCD39003

BUG 110EB KF1188 ZA9BB02EOPCD39001

BUG 110EB KF1198 ZA9BB02E0PCD39002

BUG 110EB BN1973 ZA9BB02EORCD39013
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