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Teresa:Hindari pemilihan gaya PKR

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Nov 2, 2010
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siang tadi barisan perpaduan telah menamakan calon mereka untuk bertanding bagi pemilihan DAP selangor, pemilihan kali ini amat penting bagi survival DAP dalam mengekalkan momentum kejayaan PRU 2008....

"Maybe I shouldn't criticise PKR, but because (of) their elections process, certain members come out to create scenes, and (this was) picked up by the BN media. It has affected PKR's image to a certain extent," she said in a Malaysiakini exclusive interview yesterday.

"Every member, every councillor, every JKKK (village security and development committee) member, ketua kampong, can really pull the party down or make Pakatan look ugly... it is very important for us to be seen united."

Kok, who just recently transferred her membership from DAP Federal Territories to DAP Selangor, appealed to the 50 candidates to stick to low-profile campaigns in the run-up to the weekend state polls, to avoid as much as possible, the bad press as experienced by PKR.

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