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Aug 14, 2008
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We offer you the most profitable investment opportunity. With our professional staffs, you are given the maximum profit you can get from your money invested.
By investing your money with us, you will get a real profit every day. Your investments are safe with us, and will be growing in a daily basis. Day by day, you can monitor your investment growth.

Investment Plans:
Up to 54% Daily for 2 Days
Up to 130% After 5 Days
Up to 170% After 10 Days

A few words about us:
Dedicated Server with DDOS protection.
Honest and reliable support center 24/7.
100% Secure of your Deposits.
We use Liberty Reserve as payment processors.
Minimum spend is US $10 and maximum is $5000.
You can make additional deposits as many times as you like
You can earn up to 3% referral commission from the deposits of your downlines.
Profits are paid 7 days a week.
You may withdraw your earning at anytime you want.
Your principal is included in payouts.
All payments are processed within 24 hours after your withdrawal request.
Please vote for us each time After getting paid.
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Payment 4/2 & referral commission, thank admin :)paid

Date: 10/29/2008 22:26
Batch: 7260406
From Account: U071****
Amount: $21.50
Memo: Withdrawal from

Reinvested :)

Date: 10/29/2008 22:33
Batch: 7260670
Sent To: U071****
Amount: $40.00
Memo: Deposit to User D4947
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