Takaful Malaysia Launches First Wakalah Series

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suffian takaful

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Apr 9, 2008
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Takaful Malaysia Launches First Wakalah Series

Kuala Lumpur, 3 December 2008 - Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (STMB), unveiled its first series of Wakalah based products namely MyMedicare, MySiswa, MyImpian and MySinar.

This new and improved range of Life (Family) and Medical & Health Products were launched by STMB’s Chairman YB Tan Sri Hadenan Abdul Jalil today.

In line with its objective to become more competitive in the market, the company is now undergoing a transitional phase of moving from Mudharabah to the Wakalah model. Whilst existing products are based on the Mudharabah Model, all new products to be introduced will be based on the Wakalah Model, with the exception of the general Takaful Businesses, which will continue to operate on the Mudharabah model.

In the Mudharabah Model, contributions are credited into the Participants’ Risk Fund. All surplus generated from the Participants Risk Fund are distributed evenly between Participants and the Company.

In the Wakalah model, all contributions and Wakalah Fee will be credited into the Participants Risk Fund. The Wakalah Fee will cover both commission and expenses allocated upfront. Surplus generated from the Participants Risk Funds will be distributed to the Company and the Participants at certificate termination.

In his speech, Tan Sri Hadenan said, “the Wakalah model is widely accepted in the Middle Eastern countries and is also practiced by all the other Takaful operators in the country. This shift is rather timely for us as it will be in line with our strategy to expand our distribution channel and to grow our agency network,” he added.

The highlight of the series is STMB’s new Medical Product – MyMedicare, a cashless hospital and surgical Takaful plan that provides comprehensive coverage. Now, customers can use the Medical Card and without having to make upfront payment. Other benefits include 24-hour worldwide protection, hospitalisation and surgical coverage, emergency out-patient treatment benefits, cashless admission to our panel hospitals and surplus sharing (if any) from the Risk Fund, payable annually among others.

The launch also saw attractive visuals of children, each representing a different category of product. According to STMB’s Group Managing Director, Dato Hassan Kamil, “Moving forward, the market will see more visuals of children on STMB’s products. Insurance is mainly about protection and preparing ourselves for unforeseen circumstances of the future. Children are our future – they are at the very core of why most people buy insurance. We therefore believe children are the best ambassadors for our products.

Takaful Malaysia dah ada agensi ker nak sale produk2 terbaru mereka ni? Makin meriahlah bisnes Takaful 2009 nanti. Semakin banyak persaingan...:)
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Nov 19, 2007
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Produk Takaful Malaysia memang MURAH (premium) tetapi ejen tak nak jual sebab dulu komisennya kecik aje......sekitar 8% bagi tahun pertama banding 35% disyt lain, sekarang memandangkan komisen dah up jadi 25% maka persaingan sihat pun akan bermulalah (utk kebaikan rakyat Malaysia jugak)

Tuan tuan cuba buat kes Group Medical Term (HNS)memang murah giler (sebab TM dah lama dlm industri dan fund mereka dah besar tu sebab boleh buat premium rendah)

Kes Contoh

Kakitangan syt = 38,224 org (employer/spouse and child)
Kes: (Group HNS join with Asia Assistance)

Premium TM = RM9.4 juta
Etiqa = RM 13.2 jutaTI = RM 21 juta (syt ni memang mahal, sebab apabila saya refer kpd boss TI mereka kata, fund kurang lagi dan tak berani buat premium rendah, lojik lah)

hhmmm......nampaknya lepas ni TM meletuplah kalau komisen dah UP !!, insyallah
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