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Jan 10, 2009
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Admin here! Of SV FUNDS, let me introduce myself, I am S. Vincent, You probably never saw my name on any forum or website, I and my teams are just silent investor who decided to check online Investment programs, We have been checking this industry for a few years

After all these years, We realized that this industry was going deep down, programs lasting for a shorter and shorter period of time, a lot of people, including administrators, doing the so called HAR (hit and run), all these things added up to a financial crisis on the world, made this industry what it is today.

I and my teams member invest into many online and offline investment and it has been good, for the past 6 six of Investment with account balance up to manage the Investment, so we decided to invest it on an online enterprise, SV FUNDS, as there won't be enough money to do the trading and the investment. I believe that building confidence is a good thing, a lot of people do that and scam, that is not going to happen, as the program is going to be based on REAL INVESTMENT, We taking a risk to make sure this program will be different from the usual. Promising a peace of mind in Investment.

How far can we go?
We want this program to be different than what I have seen on the industry, money to keep the program on its first stages will not be a problem, we want to go far, to last for months and months, to pass the one year mark and celebrate it, we can produce profits and we are sharing it with you.

We are not here to steal your money. Yes, We are here to make money, just like you, but we're all going to do it the honest way. We are putting a big personal investment on this program, and We will surely pay off with the profits we will make. This is our first time actually running a program although we are not a newbie on the industry and we are sure we can change this online reality together, SV FUNDS is waiting for you to be a part of an internet investment program ran by a real investors, not by thieves. All comments are welcome!

SV Funds as investors and financial expertï?½s teams turn our ideas into successful ventures. Our team has been working in a sphere of FOREX; Stock Exchange for the past Six (6) years and during this time has achieved good results and stable income. These are relatively little known financial instruments, available to very few financial institutions and individuals. Our aim is to minimize the risk to lose your investment. We make decisions which are entailed by technical analysis, investment and risk studies. Our task is to find an efficient approach on managing your investments and give you smiling returnsï?½As we wish you a smiling Investment.


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FOREX PLAN: 3.0% - 12.24% After 6 Days. $50 min - $10000 max

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Thank To all our Investors........All comments are welcome! I will been Here To Reply to All Question Time To Time Thanks....... VISIT US ON
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