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Aug 21, 2006
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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-King of Malaysia hits back at ‘cruel and vindictive’ Russian model he married, insisting pictures of her baby do not prove he is the father because the boy ‘doesn’t look like him’
  • Sultan Muhammad of Kelantan, 50, said the child 'could be son of any Asian man'
  • His ex-wife, Oksana Voevodina, 27, insisted the baby was his
  • Oksana has called on the Sultan to undertake a DNA test to prove his lineage
  • The reclusive Sultan abdicated from the Malaysian throne earlier this year

PUBLISHED: 12:19 GMT, 4 November 2019 | UPDATED: 13:07 GMT, 4 November 2019

Oksana Voevodina, the Russian beauty queen whose fairy tale marriage to the former king of Malaysia fell apart earlier this year has sensationally revealed the face of the son whom the royal has never seen

Wealthy Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, 50, is reported to have examined the photographs of the baby his ex-wife alleges is his. He said that the boy could be the 'son of any Asian man' and that he was not the father

Oksana Voevodina, pictured holding baby Leon, has offered a DNA test to prove that the king is the boy's father. She said that Leon was conceived while the newlyweds were on honeymoon in Australia. She has started court proceedings to declare the Sultan his father

Further, she has offered a DNA test to prove it and is launching court proceedings in Moscow to declare the Sultan as the father

The five-month-old baby Ismail Leon 'looks every bit like his father', she said, insisting her son was conceived on a holiday they shared in Australia following their Islamic marriage in June 2018.

But via courtiers the reclusive ex-monarch has responded with a tirade against Oksana who is seeking a divorce settlement to cover herself and her son.

The Sultan 'does not feel (the baby) looks like him', MailOnline was told.

Marrying her was the 'biggest mistake' of his life.

Her claims that they had planned a child, and that he cried with happiness on finding out she was pregnant, were 'absolute nonsense', he told courtiers.

Oksana said that the ex-king wept with joy when she broke the big news. The king responded, saying she spoke 'absolute nonsense'

The ex-king remains furious at Oksana after she allegedly turned an intimate wedding reception into a 'showbiz event'. A video of her having sex in a reality TV show swimming pool lead him to say she has 'no dignity'

He believes his ex-spouse Oksana has 'no dignity' after footage emerged of her from six years ago 'having sex in the swimming pool on a TV reality show for the whole world to see', said a royal insider who has personally spoken to the ex-king since MailOnline published the baby’s pictures on Friday.

She was wrong to use the 'clueless child' and show his face in her battle for a divorce settlement, said the source.

In a biting put-down to his glamorous ex-wife, the English-educated royal made clear he now intends to 'have an heir and children with the woman he loves'.

It is not known if the secretive Sultan is in a new relationship following his divorce from the former Miss Moscow in the summer.

He plainly remains furious over a belated wedding reception in Moscow which he claims Oksana turned from an intimate occasion for family and friends to a 'showbiz event' which was leaked to the media, revealing to Malaysians that he had wed the beauty queen.

Oksana claims she fell pregnant when they were in Australia on honeymoon. The then king - who would later abdicate the throne - 'was so happy that he was crying and then he called all of his friends 'He was crying and saying: 'Oh, I'll become a father, I'm so happy''

'He had no clue what she was planning and he was really blindsided by her,' said a palace source.

This appears to have been the trigger for the breakdown of their relationship.

'He mentioned that he had never met a woman as evil and vindictive as Oksana and that she showed her true colours at her wedding reception in Russia where she invited him to attend lying to him it was small family affair,' said the source.

He was forced to attend a Moscow 'showbiz event while he was sick on medical leave and not feeling well'.

Then footage and pictures were 'released to the press to which she held the copyright' as a result of which their marriage was revealed to the world, while he had wanted the relationship to remain private and hidden.

'This marriage was huge mistake in his personal life that should have never happened but he said this was a lesson he had learned,' said the palace source.

'We are all humans and only Allah is perfect.

The ex-king's lawyer in Singapore, Koh Tien Hua, earlier claimed: 'There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child.' Oksana has said she is ready for DNA tests to prove the paternity

'He said he already moved on with his life and she should stop making fool out of herself and move on as well and find herself new husband.

'He doesn’t understand why she is pushing herself somewhere where she is clearly not wanted and has deep regrets ever meeting her .

'He said marrying her was the biggest mistake he ever made as she created enough problems in his professional and personal life by not respecting his wishes for privacy.'

The couple wed last year in Malaysia in an Islamic ceremony that was not announced by the palace.

The Moscow reception was five months later in November 2018 by which time she was pregnant with her son who was born in May 2019.

Oksana has said the Moscow reception was his gift to her.

The reasons for the king's abdication have not been revealed but palace sources strongly denied it was because of his marriage to the Russian beauty queen becoming public knowledge in the conservative country. Pictured: Leon, left and right

'He denies he gave her the wedding as present calling this a bunch of lies,' said the source who spoke to the ex-king.

'He said she was bugging him about a wedding (reception) in Russia so he said yes, and came not feeling 100 per cent well.

'As for her child being planned or him crying, he said it’s absolute nonsense and made up stories by her like everything else.

'He said she’s trying to make the best out of the situation using his royal status and using his last name to gain a celebrity status which she obviously desired since she entered the tacky reality show and Miss Moscow 2015.'

The ruler of Kelantan state abdicated the Malaysian throne in January.

The reasons have not been revealed but palace sources strongly denied it was because of his marriage to the Russian beauty queen becoming public knowledge in the conservative country.

The Russian judge can demand a DNA test from the multi-millionaire ex-monarch. Where a suspected father refuses such a test, or fails to attend hearings, courts here invariably accept the paternity claim

He remains the Sultan of Kelantan state.

While he had married her, the Sultan never intended that the relationship should be public knowledge in Malaysia or abroad, MailOnline were told.

‘She is an ex-wife who was never acknowledged by the palace,' said another royal source.

Now he 'wants to focus on working hard and helping people in his state to continue his father's legacy and creating his own happy family,' said the source.

His father Sultan Ismail Petra died in September and palace sources said Oksana’s publicising of their marriage pictures stung him all them more because he is grieving.

Oksana and the then King first met in 2017 in Europe.

Early 2018 she converted to Islam.

While he had married Oksana (pictured holding Leon), the Sultan never intended that the relationship should be public knowledge in Malaysia or abroad, MailOnline were told

They wed in a secret Islamic ceremony in Kelantan in June 2018.

Their Moscow wedding reception was five months later in November 2018 when details of the match first became public knowledge.

They parted in early December 2018, and he abdicated the throne the following month.

Baby Leon was born on 21 May 2019.

He divorced her using the harshest Islamic procedure in June 2019.

The sultan issued a palace statement in September 2019 expressing 'his regret over the personal choices made in his private life that has caused confusion amongst the rakyat (people)', and hitting out at social media 'lies' from Oksana.

muka mcm sama aje....hahahaha...
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nk tahu ank dia ke x, buatla DNA..x kn tu pn payah sgt.


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benda raja raja nie kalo x amik tau pun xpa.. dia nak dok atas track dengan pamer peribadi yang bagus tp tergelincir juga.. sedangkan sprocket pun boleh haus.. apatah lg manusia..

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nak kata sama tu pun ikut kepala belum ada rambut.Kebanyakan bayi tahap tu pun ada iras sultan


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Kalau aku rakyat marhaen ni nak kawen pun kenal betul2 sejarah apa semua dlu dgn perempuan tu.. Ni apatah lagi level2 bekas model... Berlambak info kalau google
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