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Successful move to lure tourists


Nov 16, 2010
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In a globalised world, tourism undoubtedly has emerged one of the highest revenue-generating sectors and almost all the countries have started to tap their tourism potential as far as possible. With the rising competition to lure potential tourists, the tourism authorities and tour operators of various countries came up with distinct packages and experiments. Niche tourism was one such successful move in drawing tourists and it represents ways of making the tourism experience different.
Niche tourism emerged in contrast to the traditional mass tourism and it caters more to the interests of the tourists. It focuses on the culture of the tourist country and is mostly activity-based. Niche tourism can be classified into rural, urban, cultural, heritage, environment etc.

``This alternative tourism development help bring in more tourists here,’’ says a Sabarinath a tour operator from Kerala. ``I think Kerala is one of the States which successfully experimented with niche tourism, like environmental tourism, Ayurveda tourism, wild-life tourism etc. While the eco-tourist villages and eco tourism projects here aimed at bringing many environmental tourists, the tailored packages provided by various kerala ayurvedic resortslured many health-conscious tourists,’’ he observes.

There are yet many areas to be explored in the tourism sector and each place can come up with its own highlights and packages ; these sophisticated practices and alternative approach will help make tourism a more sustainable economic activity.
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